Should I keep the chocolate edith loaf I just got from AR?

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Should I keep or sell my brand new chocolate edith loaf?

  1. If you don't love it, sell it!

  2. The bag was a good deal & so versatile, it will last a long time, you should keep it!

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  1. Hi all, I need your opinion. I just got a chocolate edith loaf from AR sales event last night. But honestly I am not too thrilled about the bag. I like the style and the color, but am not too thrilled about the leather, I guess I am just not into that distressed leather with markings. And the bag, to me, is already kinda heavy without anything inside. The style though, could go with a lot of things, I must admit that. And I do use hand-held bags. On the other hand, I don't really feel the "love"....

    So should I sell it on ebay? Or try to keep it and use it/abuse it as often as I can?
  2. hmmmm, why don't you break it in for a bit.... to see if you really don't want it.. Ebay won't hurt either!!!!
  3. I say if you don't love it, then I would try selling it on Ebay. Can you return it back to AR?
  4. No, coz it's final sale so no return....
  5. I agree with D & G and Missy Poo... try it out a few days, maybe it will grow on you. But in the end, if you really don't love it, then use the money toward another bag. I have also made purchases somewhat impulsively because it was too good of a deal to pass up only to be "not so thrilled" with the item and ended up returning it.
  6. If you aren't thrilled with it, you probably won't carry it! And then it will sit in your closet unloved and unused!!! Sell it!
  7. thanks for all the input! maybe it's a good time to sell it since christmas is coming...
  8. I agree, if you don't love it, sell it. Or just keep it and see if you'll eventually use it, if not then sell it. I've heard the Edith's soften up with use so maybe you'll like it more when it gets broken in.
  9. Aaaw, but it's so cute! I understand though - I almost bought a Loaf for posterity because I love Love LOVE the Edith, but I know handheld bags are just not my thing and I already returned several regular Ediths, so I restrained myself - and bought the black Betty shoulder bag instead! LOL

    If you don't love it then don't keep it - the $$ could go towards bags you love. It doesn't make sense to keep it for posterity or for a great deal if it's not something you will use.
  10. dear hikarupanda: imo, it can serve as an EVERYDAY bag and for the price, you probably won't feel the 'hurt' if you abuse it for daily usage...

    I also got the loaf in Whisky and I am NOT a handheld person either, but it is a good deal though!

    By the way, for the s/n tag, is yours been sew with the thread inward or outward?!

    My first time buying from AR and for some reason, this bag is sew OUTWARD?!

    Pls. advs....

    Thank you and HAPPY Turcky Day, Ladies!!!
  11. I would really give it a try to see if it grows in you..? If not, then to ebay :yes:
  12. I would keep it cuz I love it, but if you dont love it, it might just sit around.
  13. If you don't love it, sell it...and buy something you REALLY love!!!!!!!
  14. Yes, ITA! But then I have bought bags that were on sale but not too crazy about at first and now those are the bags I reach for first:smile:
  15. I just received my Edith loaf from AR and absolutely love it :smile: The leather is super soft and smooth and I actually thought it's pretty light. I know I'll be using this bag a lot.

    Having said that, if you don't feel the same "love" for your bag, then I think sell it on ebay. No doubt you'll get your money back at least.