Should I keep my Sabrina?

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  1. ok girls I'm lost and need help. I have a cranberry sabrina but I do realy like the red or blue ombre. My DH said only one for now. Do any of you know if they will make more of the cranberry later? I was told no. should I *bay my baby and get an ombre or be one of the fue cranberry girls?

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  2. Talk about a tough decision. Which do you think you will carry more often and get more use out of?
  3. thats hard I use all my babys, and if Im not useing them my baby girl is. well I do have a cary with a lot of blue in it.

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  4. That's a tough one - I really want that ombre too - was so hoping it would be available in time for PCE but it wasn't so I got the green patent one. That cranberry is gorgeous though - if you like colors in that color family, what about the Ombre in the purples? Would still coordinate with blues and be a nice pop of color against them.
  5. i think you shuold keep the cranberry, if there was only a limited number made then it makes it just that much more special, i think the ombre will be a very popular bag but craberry will be hard to come by
  6. I had the cranberry one and I just returned it yesterday. The SA in the store was telling me that I should keep it because it was a pilot bag-I hope that I don't regret it. I really like the ombre one that the large one and when will it be available to order?
  7. yes its the large ombre I dont know when you can order it I asked tonight but the SA told me it didnt say yet but it will be out 10/1
  8. Get the one you know you will love. I've learned this the hard way. I do not want to make any returns anymore so from now on I try to research before I buy something. I actually dont own too many bags because:

    1) I like to use my bags and not let them sit in the closet.

    2) I am kind of cheap :shame:

    BTW, your daughter is adorable.
  9. ya im kind of cheap to but this is hard i like them both
  10. keep the cranberry!
  11. I like the Cranberry , it's TDF , keep it !:tup:
  12. Wow, i never realised how much i liked the sabrina til now. Love the cranberry, it really pops. The wavy blue one is alright but i feel a pattern like that isnt as "timeless" as a solid color.
  13. Honestly....and keep in mind I'm looking at this from strictly a collection perspective, I would not give up the cranberry. The reason is that bag is a pilot, and the cranberry color will NOT be coming out for the regular line. If you care anything at all about the collector's aspect, I think you will regret getting rid of it.

    However, if you concern is one from a practical nature, or just based on what you like better, then if you need to liquidate the bag to make funds, that's the way to go. I would just be certain you will like the ombre when it comes out. Sometimes the pics don't look the same as in person.

    I'm also attracted to the ombre as far as any of these Sabrinas go, but I still think it's a bag I need to see IRL before making a decision on that one.
  14. Personally, I would keep the Sabrina. That cranberry color is gorgeous.
  15. thank you girls i am keeping my cranberry, just took the tag off! all mine