Should I keep my Phoebe

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  1. After receiving my new light weight bags, I'm not sure whether I'll use my Oak Phoebe again?
    I love the look but have only used it twice as it is heavy, I think it's an iconic bag but not sure whether to keep it or think of selling it?
    Does anyone know how much I should sell it for if I do? I've looked on ebay but alot of them are fakes...any thoughts?
    I also worry about using it in the rain...
  2. I would have to say Keep It but that is only because I haven't got one yet and it is my next bag on my list!
  3. I got a really good price for my olive Phoebe on eBay - a little bit more than what I paid for it after covering all fees. But then I'd never used mine. The problem you may have is that the outlets currently have them in at half price so that might limit the top price you'd get. Not that everyone thinks to check the outlets though...

    If you've really gone off it, sell it, especially if you need the money to pay for your recent purchases. What bags do you have now? Did you sell your Annie(s)? Do you still have the EW Bayswater?
  4. I couldn't get on with Phoebe at all & sold mine. I loved the shape but it made my shoulder ache after a while. You probably know in your heart of hearts if you're likely to use it again. If it's more likely no than yes, I'd say sell it.
  5. I would sell it with a buy it now price.
  6. I'd sell it, if you think its too heavy it'll stop you reaching for it and it will only sit in your cupboard. Although the phoebe could be described as "iconic" remember it has been around for a while now, in a few years the mabel/agyness might also be considered iconic, and your other bags are stunning!:drool:
  7. I love my Phoebe! I thought that it was boxy and heavy at first, but after a few years of daily use, the leather is smooshy.
  8. the leather on mine is still really stiff. My Annie, which I sold was a bit smooshy!!
    I find it quite hard to find anything in the bag because the opening is quite small.
    All the other bags I have are quite light....
    E/W bayswater..buffalo leather
    Magenta Hanover
    2 Agynesses
    2 Medium mabels
    and my mini Mabel....
    I am off on holiday very shortly, so I may try a buy it now price when I get back and if it doesn't sell I'll keep it...
    I have all the labels and receipts so that may help!!

    It's definately been a lesson!!
    When I started collecting Mulberry, I tended to go for the look of the bag rather than the practicality of it!!
  9. Go with what you'll use - no need to keep a bag unless you will use it, at least thats how I feel. Unused bags in your closet only makes you feel guilty, better to sell and get what you really love!
  10. I agree, no matter how iconic or beautiful a bag is, if you dont use it, it is pointless keeping it, I am trying to be more ruthless myself. I think you will still get a good price for it as although they are cheaper in the outlets a lot of people either are not aware of them or do not have access to them.
  11. Wow, your collection has changed so much. In fact, it's unrecognisable! You've sold your Annie & Ledburys.

    As the Phoebe is now the only darwin bag you have left, hmmm, maybe I would be tempted to hang onto it. Actually, as you've said you find it a bit awkward, perhaps try it with a BIN (I put mine up for £329 and I'd sold really fast) and see if you get any takers. You can always look for another darwin bag later on.

    I can't wait to see your group shot, rachie. The colour in your collection is fabulous - indigo, magenta, gunmetal, rose, purple, red :drool: (the fact I know SO much about your bags is rather worrying :shame::lol:)
  12. I was hoping to get £250, so perhaps I'll try £300 and see how I go.
  13. ^^^^ I would !!!

    I did notice that when you sold your Annie

    that the other Annie on, in the same colour went for £500 !!

    If they don`t sell you can always put them back on....
  14. Rachie - I would sell it . If I remember right, don't you have some back or shoulder issues??? The bag probably is too heavy and impractical for you. I am amazed at the difference in weight between my Jody and Annie. At least 5 lbs, it seems! Good luck and happy holiday! Maybe later on, get an E/W in the darwin, as that would had to your wonderful collection!

    My Dh asked me last night if I was hankering for any new bags, and I really am not right now, so I told him probably fall or Christmas. That said, at that time I might just sell one (Fiore or LV). One in and one out!
    Again, good plan and good luck to you!!
  15. if you're having doubts about whether you'll use it again it might be better to sell, but I would only sell if I knew what I was going to put the money towards (ie another bag of course!) or was sure that I could keep the money in a me fund .... got to keep your investment up!

    It's a lot of hard-earned money sitting in a dustbag otherwise ....