Should i keep it or return it?

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  1. Just yesterday I bought the "mini" koala wallet from louis vuitton...i was so excited because i have been looking for a similar wallet for a while...but when i came home, my mom told me that it was not worth the 390 dollar price tag because it doesnt have a change pocket..and now i am questioning my decision:sad2: ...i was really in love with the wallet at first, but after hearing my mom's opinion, im not so sure anymore...what do you all think?:huh:
  2. I think that if you really love it and are going to be able to use it, and be happy with it, keep it. But if you think that eventually not having a place to put your change will become a hassle, I say return it. :sad2:
  3. keep it if you truly love it! you seem like you have been wanting it for a while, so don't let one opinion change your mind. I don't really have a place for change in my wallet either (ludlow -- I keep my cash in the snap part). also, you could buy something else to put your change in. :amuse:
  4. ditto;)
  5. I'd keep it and just have a separate coin purse unless that's too much of a hassle, then I'd return it.
  6. That's a great deal of money to pay for a wallet- if you're thinking twice about it, you can probably find something with better value.
  7. Only keep it if you think that it's practical and that you'll get good use out of it. I use my wallet like crazy and I need everything to be accessible. I have a coin pocket, and I find it very useful. But it's personal preference. If you think down the road that the lack of a change purse will bother you, I'd return it.
  8. Hmm...I'm with Mom. You have to have a place for change. Unless you get a change purse.
  9. Why not get a seperate little change purse? There are tons of cute ones out there.
  10. My mom does the same thing to me. She thinks I am nuts for spending more than $20 for a handbag. If you love it, and you don't mind not having a change pocket, keep it.
  11. I have the mini coin that I never use for coins but use as a wallet. I throw my coins in my bag and empty them out later or throw them in the zipper pocket of the bag. I tend to carry smaller bags and need a smaller wallet.

    I also own this one which isn't much more and has a compartment for coins.

    But, if I loved something I wouldn't doubt my purchase because someone told me it wasn't what they would pick. Love it for you!
  12. thanks for the replies everyone...its really helpful...
    serendipity, do u mind me asking..are there credit card slots in the wallet u are talking about because that is a must for me (im more of a credit card person than a cash person)
    thanks again
  13. Since this wallet is not up on elux, i took some pics so you all could see it...
    i also included pictures of the fendi bag that i got an amazing deal on about a month ago since i already had the camera out;) :

    btw, my mom walked by as i was taking pictures of the wallet and she just shook her head LOL..shes probably wondering where she went wrong! :amuse:

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  14. Well, if you use a debit card for everything you won't need a change holder!
  15. i say keep it!