Should I hold out for a Cartier?

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  1. i got a breitling from Jomashop. Very Satified.
  2. I would wait until you are able to buy a Cartier from an AD.
  3. Would you consider getting a pre-owned Cartier? I dont know where you live but in the uk, reputable watch dealers like eg Watches of Switzerland often sell pre-owned Cartier and offer at least a 1 yr warranty on them. And that way, if you did decide that you ever wanted to sell in the future, you probably wouldnt lose that much money as the depreciation would probably have taken place when the first seller bought it at a premium? Depends whether you want one from new...
  4. ITA. If you buy something you aren't completely in love with, you'll end up daydreaming about the Cartier. So I'd save up and spend less money in the long run.
  5. Just save and wait... I waited 4-5 years to get my cartier (I had the $$ but I could not justify spending it) but at least I knew all that time I really wanted it.
  6. Cartier is a lovely watch to own. Like anything in life - don't settle for 2nd best.

    If you really want Cartier - wait and save a bit more. Once you get the Tag (which makes some really nice watches btw) it would take even longer to get a Cartier.

    Cartier has 2 lines of watches - Must de Cartier and CARTIER

    Must de Cartier - these are in line with Tag pricing - however they use gold plating instead of solid gold.

    CARTIER - these are the traditional big $ watches. Solid gold where their is gold (expect for the Cartier Solo).

    Personally I love the Santos range. Get the best watch you can afford. It is a life investment in yourself. Santos is the more expensive Cartier line.
  7. I'd get what you really want, even if you have to save a few more months or even years.
    I waited years until got a pre-loved Cartier Tank Francaise. Although the watch is being serviced right now, it's just so beautiful. I could have gotten it sooner but I waited for a good deal. :yes:
  8. i think u should wait for the cartier .....