Should I hold out for a Cartier?

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  1. I would hold out for what you really want, when I used to get what I could now, I would always end up getting my original choice which to me was like buying twice!Lol! Get exactly what you want and enjoy!
  2. I still can't decide! (Sorry) Few things: Does Tag have any automatic womens watches? I've found like all of four. Hm.. that's a bit annoying. Also, anyone have modeling pics of the must de 21?
  3. Go with the cartier.
  4. I'd wait and get the Cartier. You will not be disappointed!
  5. I will get the Cartier too. Better watch.
  6. I love Cartier wathces so of course I recommend saving for one. I think Cartier is little more prestigous than TAG also they retain their value better.
  7. I really do like Tag too. But I like Cartier more!
  8. Cartier is the way to go. There is a saying, "you get what you pay for."
  9. Cartier:tup:
  10. I agree with everyone definately hold out for the cartier
  11. I got a Cartier Roadster two years ago and I ordered it through Alan Furman, I saved about $900 on the price of the watch and, of course there was no sales tax.

    The watch is completely legit and came with all the correct boxes and papers.

    As I'm sure you know, the deal with the grey market is that they do not offer the mfg's warranty, only their own. I was comfortable doing this with the Roadster, because the ladies version is quartz. There's just not a lot that could go wrong with it.

    By the same token, I would never buy a mechanical or complicated watch from a grey market dealer. I would definitely consider a "pre-owned" watch if that's what I was looking for, but I'd want to see the watch in person first. Tourneau is good option for that.
  12. whatever you do don't buy from the grey market no matter how much the discount. if you're still paying a decent amount of money for a watch then it's better to fork over the extra money to get it from an authorized dealer.
  13. ^^ I respectfully disagree. Depending on the watch and the retailer, it can work out just fine. My Cartier purchase was completely legit and problem-free. There are plenty of grey-market dealers out there with good reputations and as long as they have in-house repair, I think it's worth looking into.
  14. I vote Cartier!

    I have the Tank Louis watch for half a year, I got it from an authorized dealer that was a block away from the 5th ave store. They gave me a price that was before the price hike which just heppend at Cartier the the time. So I would really recommend buying from a AD, But then again I do live in NYC =P

    Also, act fast Cartier does have price increase each year, like many other lux brands!

    BTW I love my watch =)

  15. I would hold out for the Cartier, especially if you love it more! And definitely stick with an AD, because you might be getting ripped off somewhere else! Even though you are getting a discount - you can never be too safe!!