Should I hold out for a Cartier?

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  1. I'm going to get a watch for my birthday (which is coming up soon) and I can't decide whether to wait and save more to get a Cartier Santos Demoiselle ($1,000 more) than a Tag Heuer. I'd have to get it from jomashop or another "grey market" dealer, just because I don't think I could get the 30% discount in person/there isn't a cartier near me. Is that worth it? So, should I wait and get a Cartier (which would take longer to save up for), or get a Tag, or save and buy a Tag from an authorized dealer?

    edit: I have a few jewelry chains near me though, do any of those sell cartier? Do you think a place like Fink's, or or whatever might give me the 30% on a santos? (Then I could get a cartier from an authorized dealer, whoo!)
  2. 30% probably won't happen from an AD. Jared sells them and will do 20%. I'm not on the Cartier bandwagon, but it's probably a better investment than the TAG. If you never plan on selling it, then get whichever you like more.
  3. Save a bit longer and then get the Cartier if that is the watch you prefer!
  4. ijen, That's what I was thinking... How risky is it in general to go with a non-authorized dealer? I'm debating between paying retail or not... is the extra $1000 to $1200 for a Tag from a dealer really worth it?
  5. I would wait and buy it from an AD. I spoke with a watch salesman today and he told me that Cartier and Rolex and Patek Phillipe were the top 3 brands for retaining their value if you ever need or want to sell yours. I personally love the Santos Demoiselle and think it is so elegant and ladylike. I tried one on at Fink's (I think it was Fink's) in Durham and they did offer a discount, but not 30%.
  6. You should be able to get 20% off from any authorized dealer on a TAG. A non-authorized dealer is not risky, you simply lose the warranty (but many offer their own warranty). Make sure that if you go the non-AD route, that they leave the serial numbers on the watch. Some of the sketchy ones will file them off, which is no good.

    If you have a TAG model you're set on, tell me which it is and I'll contact my AD and get a price for you to go off of.
  7. Thank you! I'm mostly looking within the Link line (WJ1313.BA0572). Do you know if jomashop or amazon gets rid of the serial numbers?
  8. Jomashop does not. Amazon outsources to various places, so depending on who you order it through on Amazon, they may. Jomashop's watches do come with boxes, papers, etc.

    You may want to check out also. I bought a Breitling from them and I was quite satisfied.
  9. Yeah, Amazon seems a bit sketchy. I like authenticwatches, they seem to have a little better pricing than jomashop. My dad also said that was fine too (he bought his tag there, apparently)
  10. If you call AW, they may come down on the price even more. Don't bother emailing them...

    Looks like it's a Link with MOP face, correct?
  11. I would hold out for the Cartier if that's what you really want. A Cartier AD may do 20% off, certainly 10%, I don't think ADs can go below 20%. A lot of the deparment stores, including Saks, are Cartier ADs, if you don't have a Cartier boutique nearby.
  12. Yes. I might call them anyway to price-match. It's my top contender for the Tags, none of the other faces really seem to grab me.

    I think I want to wait for the cartier, but we'll see if it fits in my budget.
  13. You will probably end up getting the Cartier at some stage anyway if that is what you really want - you just need to think whether you really want it now, or whether the Tag is better for your lifestyle now and the Cartier can be something you acquire later.
  14. Do you want the Cartier more then the Tag? If so, then yes, you should probably wait instead of getting the Tag just because you can get it sooner. They are both very nice watches but which you really prefer and will get the most use out of should help you decide. You can get them both grey market from a reputable place. My suggestion if you really like them both and can't decide is to go try them both on again, one right after the other if possible...
  15. I've been facing the same dilemna, but it's been Tag vs. Rolex.
    I finally decided that I'm young (will be 24 in a couple of months) and will get the Tag.

    I have plenty of time for the Rolex and more expensive pieces.

    That being said: get whichever one will make you happy NOW! =)