Should I go to the Detroit Autoshow with DH?

  1. My husband wants to take our 12 year old son to the Detroit Autoshow next week. He is a car FREAK and is also a supplier so he can get into the show before it opens to the public on Saturday. I can either stay home with my 9 year old son (who could care less about the autoshow) and possibly take a road trip to Chicago. Or go with them to Detroit.

    Anyone from that area that can tell me what/where the shopping is like? And should I go?
  2. sure go with DH! and then have him accompany you to the next Chanel trunk
  3. The Auto Show is super fun, I am from a suburb about 20 minut es north of Detroit. I love going evey year, but I do like cars...the shopping around here is pretty good...we have a large mall called the Somerset Collection (it is in Troy) that has an LV, Gucci, NM, Saks, Nordstrom, etc...Besides that there is a little city called Birmingham that has a very cute downtown with lots of nice boutiques and upscale stores.

    Anything else I can help you with just ask, I have lived here my whole life :yes:
  4. The car show can be fun or it can be really boring. It really depends on how much you like cars. The exhibition is huge, and there will be tons of people. It's in a large convention center. The best shopping isn't local but in the suburbs (30 minutes away). Detroit is pretty dead except for the three casinos.
  5. Emily - thanks! We would be staying at the Dearborn Inn. I would for sure go to the Henry Ford Museum with my 9 year old. (His name is Henry too!). My husband is invited to the Black Tie Event on Friday night. I wouldn't mind going to that. We are going to check on tuxes for the boys tomorrow. Just not sure how the kids would do.

    I've heard of Somerset but didn't know that it had such nice stores. Hmmmm....
  6. Depends on what your 9 yo is interested in! If there's a fun museum / science center / zoo / aquarium that he would like in Chicago (or Detroit) then hit those up rather than the Auto show!! :smile:
  7. I would go. I think it would be fun!
  8. Gosh it's been a LONG time since I've been to the Ford museum but I remember it being pretty cool. I think you guys would enjoy that!! :yes:
  9. I grew up in detroit and I recently went back for auto show last year it was great. check out shopping at somerset collection in troy and birmingham has a nice downtown. The stores at somerset are high end.
  10. I also grew up in Detroit (well, Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills area) and I lived there from when I was 4 to 28. Now I live in San Francisco. My dad worked for Chrysler and he and I always went to the Auto Show every year. Because of his job he always got us in early (before it opened to the public). Getting in early is definitely the way to go if you go Saturday. Get in as early as you can! If you go to the black tie event (which is amazing), that might not be something that the kids would like. But if you can go, go. It's a once in a lifetime event!

    Ditto the shopping at Somerset. It's the best mall in the area. If you're interested in outlet shopping, go to Great Lakes Crossing, which has Saks Off Fifth and Neiman Marcus Last Call as its anchor stores. Plus there are plenty of other stores in the mall too.

    Downtown Birmingham is fun and quaint, but all outdoors ... you may not want to do that if the weather is especially cold.

    Have fun!!!
  11. Did you watch the movie Grosse Pointe Blank?

    You could always drive north into Grosse Pointe and check out all the old money and mansions! There are such beautiful homes in Grosse Pointe -there are 5 communities. There is so much old money there....Unfortunately, the shopping isn't anything to write home about but plenty of sight seeing - homes right on the water - it's so nice!!

    Also, remember the movie The Virgin Suicides - it is based on Grosse Pointe, the author is from there.
    ...The Virgin Suicides is a 1993 novel, the first by American writer Jeffrey Eugenides. The novel tells of the suicides of the Lisbon girls, five sisters in Grosse Pointe, Michigan during the 1970s. The suicides fascinate their community as their neighbors struggle to find an explanation for the acts.

    Birmingham is place for shopping, as well as Somerset: SAKS, NM, Burberry, LV, Tiffany, Nordstrom, Betsy Johnson, Ralph Lauren, BeBe, Aveda, L'Occatine, RH, and much more!!

    You should go, Chicago is not a far drive for you and you can do that any weekend!!
  12. Somerset mall rocks!!!
  13. agreed, GO!!! hahaa, Auto Show is great. and! Somerset is even BETTER! :graucho:
  14. Yes, Grosse Pointe Blank is one of my favorite movies - subtle, dark humor. But I love John Cusack.

    I've never heard of the Virgin Suicides. Is it fiction or historical fiction?

    Thank you so much for the SommerSet recommendation everyone. I will let you know if we go. Yes, I can go to Chicago any old weekend - maybe it's time for an adventure!