Should I go for it?

  1. ok, well, I just got my cafe PT... some may know that I had a really hard time deciding between the Cafe and Truffle...

    so now that I cant stop thinking about the Truffle after seeing some gorgeous pics ... literally :drool:... should I go for the Truffle City GH on Diabro? :p the price is soooo tempting!... well, compared to my PT anyway!

    what you think? or should I save the $$$$ and wait til I find and get the Plomb SGH PT?

  2. hi i have a truffle and a plomb RH PT and I have seen the Plomb SH PT and I must say its insanely beautiful - silver and plomb go perfectly.

    the colours are so different you will obviously carry it for different occasions/ colours but speaking from a leather perspective I do think the plomb is thicker, chewier(??) my truffle is an 07 if that means anything- my knowledge of leather is very ltd -sorry.

    i :heart::heart: my plomb right now and carrying it everyday. posted pics in an earlier thread.

    good luck.
  3. Although I love my truffle part time, I think you should go for the plomb w/ SGH just for variety;) It's just that the cafe and truffle are similar shades ... it's nice to have a different color especially with the SGH.
  4. My vote's for the Plomb SGH PT. It'll be more rewarding after you get it. I often buy because of the price, then end up wanting & purchasing what I originally wanted after. (I hope that made sense) So I end of spending double the $ that what I had originally intended too.
  5. I vote Plomb SGH PT, as well, since that's what you seem to be holding out for in the first place. :smile:
  6. I LOVE the Truffle for it's versatility :tup:
  7. I do prefer the darker of the neutral colours, so I choose Cafe :smile:
  8. Plomb with SGH.