Should I get this tweed tote??? and let my Balenciaga weekender go?

  1. Hi girls!

    I need help in making a decision.... I am thinking of letting my balenciaga weekender go (pewter metallic colour).... It's the one in the top RIGHT HAND CORNER IN THE first picture get this chanel tweed tote... (just for a change)..

    I have heaps of colourful bags, but need one big bag that will go with everything.. my balenciaga pewter weekender does that.. but sometimes, because it's metallic, it overpowers my outfit a little...

    this tweed tote is cute.. but i'm afraid it's stuck to a winter stereotype.. could i use this throughout the year??? Anyone has this same tweed tote and could tell me pros and cons??

    THANKS HEAPS!!:flowers: :heart:
    P1000190A.JPG DSC07623.jpg
  2. well i have a tweed classic flap and i just love it.. i wear it throughout the year and its very classy. u should definitly get the chanel tweed it would suit anything u wear and still add to your look :smile:

    but why should u give up blanciaga? if u have to let one of these B go, i would recommend the metalic pink or the green.. since these colors are hard to match any outfit.
  3. coool.. thank you!.. =) I love the metallic pink for a big night out..

    I wanted to give up the metallic pewter because it's the same colour/purpose as the tweed chanel tote if i get it.... i don't like to keep 2 bags that can both be worn with the same outfit.. i prefer to have variety.. so i don't have 2 black bags unless they are of totally different style.. =)
  4. hey waterfalls - ummm, i'm not a big fan of the tweed... **ducks quickly** if it was a different type of material then i would probably say, get it... BUT in the meantime, i reckon you should keep the b-bag pewter!
    good luck with what you decide!!! :smile:
  5. i :heart: the tweed line, so i say yay, get it! :biggrin:
  6. i think the tweed is really cute
  7. If it were me, I'd keep the pewter weekender. I think a pastel tweed might be able to tide you over in the summer, but the darker tweed might look too wintery. It wouldn't really go with flimsy summery fabrics, whereas the Balenciaga will go with anything. It's a cute bag, though!
  8. Don't like the tweed. I actually think it wouldnt go with anything, unless you're dressing up..
  9. keep balenciaga :amuse:
  10. Keep the pewter for a large year-round bag.
  11. hmmm.... so we're all kinda even ?? hehe... =)
  12. I'd keep the pewter - it's the IN color this season!
  13. Keep the Bbag.
  14. Well since I am a HUGE fan of Chanel I say you should get a new Chanel bag, but I wouldn't go with the tweed only because it doesn't really work all year long, like you said more of a winter bag. But, in the end the decision is yours, make sure you are happy because you have to carry it. Good LUCK! :biggrin:
  15. I'd keep the pewter weekender. It's a great color, and I think Balenciaga leather will wear much better and longer than tweed.