should I get this for classes and suchly?

  1. Honestly, for school, I would go with something a little cheaper and/or durable. I am a grad student and use a Le Sportsac tote (white/gray/black flowers). I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $20 and I don't care if it gets dirty or beat up. I also use it for work and can stuff whatever I need in there...and it's still cute. I inevitably get hi-lighter and pen marks in my school bags so I knew I had to get something inexpensive.

    That bag is really cute though!
  2. Oh that bag is so cute! It looks like it might be a little thin for books or heavy binders though... :shrugs:
  3. As soon as I saw Megs post I realized I was in love! I always regretted not getting the Veruka tote, so I'm not losing my chance this time! I don't know if it's a great school bag...but more of a casual shopper. Let us know what you decide!

    P.S. If you're looking for a great, durable, well-priced bag that will last FOREVER, try Longchamp!
  4. LOL! I rotate between a lesportsac messenger and a longchamp tote already!:lol: I usally at the very most need 2 binders with me, or even then I usually end up carrying it in my hand then in both my bags for some reason. But even with that you wouldn't reccomend it then?
  5. I keep using the veruka shoulder tote for school.. I usually put my laptop (macbook 13"), and maybe an inch of papers, and sometimes add a textbook (thin one), water bottle...

    I do agree about the pencil and highlighters though (add eyeliner to that =p), it happened to one of my dkny bags, barely a few days in, and after that I just make sure everything is in a case... :smile:

    and yes, I would get that for class :smile: personally hehe :smile: in fact I want to! it's so cute :smile:
  6. ^^you can fit your laptop in that?!
  7. As a grad student myself, that bag does not sturdy/durable enough to me. I would go with something a little thicker and less fragile to throw books and binders in.
  8. Aarti, I have this bag and it is not sturdy enough to use as an everyday schoolbag because the cloth is not very sturdy. I think you can definitely use it occasionally, but it isn't reinforced for daily use. I'm not sure if it will fit your essentials and 2 or 3 binders. How big are your binders?

    I got mine from my local Bloomingdale's. Do you have one near you? Maybe you should see it in person first to see if it will work for you. It's super cute, but probably not everyday bookbag material.
  9. ^^Thanks! Maybe I'll use it occassionally on light days then.
  10. sure it fits perfectly :smile:

    13" macbook :smile:

    I was just looking at the lesportsac bags thoh, SO cute and bright :smile: I love designs like that for school =p