Should I get this bag, or hold out for...

  1. I think the Carly Signature (10169) with the blue trim is BEAUTIFUL, but I am trying to decide if I should get this one or if I should hold out for the Legacy SHoulder Bag in Whiskey or Pond?!?!
    I'd like to get a BIG bag, but don't know if I want a signature or leather?!?! Would the blue trim not be versatile enough? I just don't know!? Does this Carly hold a LOT? Is it heavy? Anyone who has this bag....input please?!!?
  2. I love the blue trim! However, it may not be a versatile as the whiskey legacy...
  3. I'd go with the whiskey legacy as well... it's definitely more versatile and classy IMO.
  4. hehe you know my vote :smile:
    Pond Shoulder bag!!!
  5. the carly with blue (chambary) is sold out, at least thats what it has been like for the past few months.

    the carly holds alot, its my school bag, and is VERY versitale!
  6. im a sucker for question like this -lol!

    i say get all 3 but my #1 choice would be the pond.
  7. the regular carly with chambray is available through the distribution center.. i just called about it on thursday.. they had ONE large and i ended up grabbing it!!! its coming in tomorrow!!
  8. They are both so different that my vote would be to get both. That pond is such a stunning color.
  9. The Legacy Shoulder Bag is the kind of bag you will carry forever. It is heavier than the Medium Carly - but heavy in a - worth $400 way. The leather is thick and soft and lovely. The Carly holds a ton - I have the large and can probably carry two shoulder bags in it - and I can wear it in all weather. I don't know - they are both great bags....I'm no help