Should I get these?

  1. For some reason I really like these, and am debating on whether to snatch them up right now. I guess its the buckle, the heel is 3 1/4", and the fact that theyre brown. What do you girls think? Doll shoes? Pretty? Ugly? What the heck are you thinking (lol)?

    They remind me of Bottega Veneta bags because of the weaving, but theyre a brand called Gabriella Rocha.




  2. i kinda like them. if they'll be versatile with your wardrobe, then go for it. they're pretty classic.
  3. Thank you. I actually think they might be very versatile with my wardrobe since brown is my favorite color. I know the browns might not match exactly but I think I could make it work.
  4. I love them! What would you wear them with and who are they by?
  5. i try to 'never' match really like wearing different shades of the same 'color' together. i think they'll be great!
  6. Cute shoes! Go for it!
  7. ^^ lol Thanks again grechen. I sort of do the same thing and somehow it just works.

    Nishi - They are a brand called Gabrielle Rocha! At the moment, I'm thinking knee length white skirt and brown short sleeve shirt on a lazy day :heart: If I get them I'll post pictures, lol.

    print*model - Hey girl! Thanks! I think I'm going to take the plunge.
  8. You're welcome! They're adorable and I'm sure they'll look great on you!!:yes:
  9. ^ Thank you!

    Anyone else? Opinions? :/
  10. ooh theyre pretty!! i say get them :biggrin:
  11. So, they were discounted only until tomorrow so I went ahead and jumped on them before I regretted it :shame:

    I will post pictures as soon as they get here! Thanks everyone for posting!
  12. Can't wait to see them on you! What site did they come from?
  13. nay. they are fug. sorry.
  14. Too late! Sorry :heart:
  15. Zappos :heart: