Should I Get New Simples, Vp's Or Burmavp's


Which CL's should I get

  1. Burma VP's (metallic grey)- for the color & the comfort

  2. New Simple pumps in pewter-Nice pop of color

  3. Tan VP's- for that nude effect & comfort

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  1. Hello fellow CL enablers. I am getting ready to put my self on a ban, but there are some CL's I want to get first. I am planning to get the black/red architeks next and I have the pink NP's on pre-order at NM.

    I like grey as a neutral to go with some of my outfits with patterns or brighter colors. I have been eyeing the Burma VP's at NM, but I also like the New Simple pumps in the Pewter color. I really like the way VP's feel and I can manage the heel height well because of the platform. I have not been able to try on the new simple pumps and when I tried the regular simple 100's I was not quite as stable on them as I am on the VP's.

    I also found kid leather VP's in tan Saks. That colors would give me the effect of the nude color.

    So ladies, please help me decide.
  2. I think for everything you said the VPs in Nude sound perfect.
  3. I love grey. It really is a great neutral. I like the look of the Burma VPs. I was eyeing them the other day. But, nude shoes make anyone's legs look long :nuts:

    Tough choice - go with the VP style, that's for sure. But I'm no help with the color, since I really like both.
  4. I love my New Simples but between that and the VP for you, I'd go for the tan VP!
  5. Pewter New Simples!
  6. Pewter Simples, I love them!
  7. I am a big fan of the very prive style and I consider them very comfortable for a high heeled shoe. I think the platform makes it more stable than the simples. I cannot visualize what the tan vps look like. Were you referring to the very prive 70 as seen on or the very prive 70 in nude patent that Saks has?

    I had the burma VPs and they are dark. The pictures I have show them looking more metallic and pewter, but they look more matte IRL.

  8. I voted for the Burma VPs:tup:
  9. I vote the the Burma VPs or you if you can get your hands on it a nude patent VP!
  10. You mentioned that you will be receiving the Architeks and the NP in pink, and since they both are peep toes, why don't you get a closed toe shoe for variety. I have not tried on the new simple with the platform, but I bet they are comfortable with the platform, and will allow you to run after your DD who you will be chasing after once she starts walking! :tup:
  11. I voted pewter simples. The new simples in pewter will be my next pair I think. I love pewter..after I got my Lady Gres I am hooked on the gray. It's so pretty. :p
  12. VPs! I love them!
  13. [QUOTE=LavenderIce;5110085 I cannot visualize what the tan vps look like. Were you referring to the very prive 70 as seen on or the very prive 70 in nude patent that Saks has?

    The Saks near me has a regular height (100?) VP in all black, all dark brown or all tan. They do look like the 70's at Barneys only taller. Since I am dark complexioned, the regular nude color does not look good on me, but the dark brown and the tan are nice.
  14. Simple
  15. Ummmm... this thread is from 2008. I think her decision is already made by now. :idea:
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