Should I get it?

  1. My SA has a heart coin purse on hold for me, but it's in violette. I had actually wanted it in Pomme. My bf said he would buy it for me for vday! Should I get it in the violette anyway or wait for the Pomme one to come in? They aren't exactly sure when they'll have the Pomme because they said they're having a hard time getting them!
  2. Get it anyway! You can always return/exchange it or sell it if you change your mind later on. :yes:
  3. ^I agree.
    The Violette is a really pretty color, if you can't get the one you originally wanted, at least you'll have the gorgeous Violette (that's the one I'm WL for).

  4. ^^^ITA. Good thinking.
  5. Get it... because once they're gone, that's it! Many ppl were disappointed last year when they didn't get any.
  6. I would totally get it! That color is deliscious!
  7. Get it, you could always exchange, and if one doesn't come up, at least you've got one !
  8. Pomme is so much better.
  9. I'd get it and exchange it when another color comes in....if you don't love the violette.
  10. Apparently my bf agrees with you...but I did get the new cles in violette so it's not like I don't like the violette color.

    Thanks for the enabling! I think I'll let my bf go ahead and get it, hopefully they'll have the pomme in before the 14 days are up! :tup:
  11. get it
  12. Did anyone notice that the mirroir hearts in gold and silver are made better than the ones in another color?

    I'm looking at the few pics we have and it seems like the fleurs on the gold are perfectly aligned and none are cut off while the fleurs on the pomme, violette and amarante are. Am I the only one who's a bit bothered by this?
  13. I would wait for the Pomme!
  14. I agree! The violette is a gorgeous colour! :tup:
  15. I'd to get it because as everybody is saying once they are gone they are really gone.

    I too prefer the Pomme over Violette, however, I prefer the Violette Heart over NO HEART at all.

    Good Luck and I hope you get what you want in the end!! :flowers: