should i get an inferno luna?

  1. I'm in a serious crisis. I really want an inferno luna, but I know I shouldn't since I don't travel a lot...but its on sale now and I feel if I don't get it I'm going to really regret it later when lesportsac stops making tokidoki bags. Oh,what shall I do? (im so weak when it comes to the inferno print)
  2. I'm having the same dilemma. All of a sudden I want a luna but I don't travel right now so I doubt it would get used. I thought about getting one in paradiso or inferno because of the 40% off but I really love it in spiaggia so I may just wait and see if they get it at the outlet or not.
  3. I thought I was the only one with this problem! I really like how the luna can show so much of a toki print. But I really don't use it much. I think if you like some other style that you will be using more often, it would be wiser to buy that one first. But if there isn't anything else you really like, then go ahead and get the luna!
  4. I bought a gorgeous Pirata Luna on a whim at one of the Macy's super sales...couldn't resist buying a $210 bag for only $78. But then I worried I wouldn't use it and even thought about selling it.

    However, I've actually used it several times already just in the last couple of weeks and I love the size. It's great for throwing some extra clothes together to take for after we get sweaty at the soccer game...or a change of clothes if I'm going somewhere straight after work, etc. I also use my BV, but the Luna is quite a bit bigger without being super huge.

    I think it's also the perfect size for a gym bag, etc. Everyone has an ugly duffle bag sitting in the closet somewhere...this is just a jazzed up duffle bag. :p

    And I think the Luna looks amazing in Inferno!!!!

    (I know, I'm enabling! Hee hee!!)

  5. i've had the same problem, and then when i need one i will be kicking myself for not getting it.
  6. Do it now. Don't regret it later. That's what I think of these things. I always regret not getting things later.
  7. I have an Inferno Luna that I haven't gotten around to using yet. But I love the print, and I can justify having the bags as works of pop-art, even if I don't use them.
  8. Yes buy it! I hate it when I end up 'regretting' something I didn't buy and then can't find anymore!! :tup:
  9. I ordered an Inferno Luna myself from the SH Labor Day sale, which I've been using as a gym bag.

    I say don't buy it now if you really don't need it, especially if you know you can't return it. Lunas are pretty easy to come by, I see them on eBay all the time. And there's always the livejournal toki swap community.
  10. thankyou to all the enablers for pushing me to get an inferno luna...(hahaha)i think I will make the call to SH tomorrow. gosh,it is so hard to turn down anything in the inferno print...
  11. If you can afford it and it's on sale, go for it. I'd already have one except I don't have enough to have lots of these at the moment. I will be happy when I get a Campeggio or Corriere or something.