should i get a wallet in karung or carmino?

  1. hi everyone, just wanted to ask for your opinion. i am thinking of getting a bv wallet in a colour that pops, but can't decide between the karung and the carmino. any suggestions? :shrugs:

    thanks so much!
  2. Tough choice, but I'm gonna go with the Carmino.

    I'm just really really liking the deep red, even though I only ever wear black, white and grey. I think a wallet in Carmino will be a lovely pop of colour, whilst still remaining very classic.

    G'luck with your choice!
  3. I would go with the karung in Ferro just because the color is so luscious but I'm biased because I love my Karung knot. The Carminio is just as lovely as well so either way you can't really go wrong. If you want the zip around style, though, you'd have to get it in the Carminio. Do let us know what you decide!!
  4. thanks, nymph and bunkie. i haven't actually decided if i want the zip around style and or the french flap wallet. am i right to say that they've got the french flap in both the gold karung and the carmino, but the continental zip around in carmino and not the gold karung?

    thanks, ladies!
  5. I love both dearly and wouldn't be able to pick. I would look at the bags I have and see which ones matches better or what other wallets I already have. I would also be tempted to purchase both :wlae: If it really came down to it, I'd probably get the carmino if I weren't going to purchase another carmino item because the red is just :drool::drool::drool: Plus the carmino price tag is easier to swallow :tup:
  6. I love bright colours for wallets as they're easier to wear (less in your face) than in bags. Plus they add a fun pop of colour inside the bag. You mentioned you want a colour that pops, this season Karungs are more muted in colours (Bronze and Ferro).
  7. Get both but in different style/size! :p

    If one, my vote goes to Carmino.
  8. hi everyone, that's for taking the time to share your views. it looks like the carmino's the way to go... but i guess i'll take the plunge and get BOTH if the brass karung goes on sale in dec, even though it seems quite unlikely! *crossing fingers and toes*
  9. I agree with Ms. Piggy that the karungs are quite muted this season. So, if you want a color to pop, I would go with carmino.
  10. thanks, everyone for your most helpful suggestions. just wanted to share that i have bought the karung french flap wallet in brass.

    while tpf was being upgraded i made a trip to the bv store - seeing the babies irl made my decision easier. while the carmino was a gorgeous rouge, the karung in brass just sang to me. i couldn't take my eyes of the gorgeous, rich, burnished gold snakeskin leather. :nuts:
  11. You did well. The Carmine is more likely to go on sale, whereas the Brass Karung is less likely.
  12. uclaboi, if the carmine really goes on sale... that's it, i'm grabbin' it! :graucho:

    now it's time to cross both my fingers and toes that it does go on sale... ms piggy and kopibaby, i'm going to be needing your help to sound the siren once you hear the word! :wlae:
  13. Congrats on your Karung wallet armcandyaddict, it sounds TDF! Can't wait to see some pics :yahoo:
  14. aca,
    good choice on the karung wallet! your pics in the other thread look soooo beautiful - i could almost feel the lucious leather! so have you taken the veneta and the wallet out for a spin yet?;)

    ms piggy will prob have a higher chance of knowing when the sale starts and when the asian sized cabats are coming in. i am telling myself not to step into the BV store, lemme correct that, not to step NEAR a BV store...coz BV stores are no good for my heart..:shame:
  15. thanks kopibaby, i'm lovin' the brass wallet more and more each day. heh, have been taking both babies out together every day, and it give me such a rush whenever i sling the veneta onto my shoulder or i take the karung wallet out.

    btw, i managed to get a flight to hk, so will be there 30th nov! maybe i'll get lucky and hit the bv stores in hk when they are on sale? *dreaming away*

    is it possible to not step into a bv store? that would just take too much willpower! :p