Should I get a 30 or 35 Louis Vuitton Speedy


Aug 21, 2006
I just thought of it. Should I get a 30 or 35 speedy? I like big bags. hehe.:yes: but which one should I get? .Plus I'm planning to buy a wallet and a wapity case. Help. Which speedy?:shrugs:

Speedy 30
Speedy 35
Other stuff I'm planning to get...:yahoo:
Louis Vuitton Vernis
Louis Vuitton Wapity Case- Will this fit my sidekick 3???
Ohh...I like them all!! But if it were me, I would go for the 30 because it's got plenty of room....I think the 35 is just a tad too big IMO. Good luck!! :smile:
I think it all depends and you, and your needs! For example I love the 30! Big bags don't like that good on me, so a 30 would be the best! I think the 30 is just a perfect size, and it holds a ton! The 35 is just too big, imo. Good luck on your decision! Also, I don't like the wapity, but that wallet is gorgeous!
the 35 can fit A4 papers and magazines, I don't think the 30 can since it's already quite tight for the A4s in my 35. I'm 5'1, so rather let the purpose lead you than your actual height
It really doesn't make THAT big of a difference, IMO. I have my mom's old monogram 30 and my own Damier 30 and they're great! Also the MC Speedys are 30's of course..and my new Miroir one is about the same (I don't honestly notice THAT big of a size difference). I guess I'm stuck on 30's, so that's my suggestion!