Should I exchange my new mandarin epi pochette?

  1. I bought the mandarin pochette on a whim b/c it's being dc'ed and it was a fun pop of color, but now I'm wondering if I should exchange it for something more practical. Should I return it and wait for the damier azur line to come out, should I exchange for something else (like the damier papillon, pochette marelle, or vernis reade pm), or should I keep it? pics below of the pochette and others that I'm considering....
    SD outfit6-1.jpg LVmarelle.jpg LVpap.jpg LVreade.jpg damier azur.jpg
  2. Since you already have doubts regarding your mandarin pochette, I'll say to exchange it for something you like. With LV prices, you should LOVE your LV. :yes: Out of your list, I prefer the damier pap and the damier azur. It's really up to you and depending on how much you carry.

    Also, mandarin epi has been discontinued so once you return the pochette, you might not be able to find another mandarin later.

    By the way, welcome to tPF! :jammin:
  3. I think you should keep it!:nuts:
  4. I would keep it. It is such a fun and versatile color.
  5. Ditto! If you're sure you won't miss it, absolutely return it and get something you'll fall in love with.:smile:
  6. I love it and love the color...but if you're not happy and having second thoughts, then you should return it and get something you WILL be happy with :smile:
  7. If you're having second it.
    I personally think the Damier papillon would be a great choice...or the Reade (which is also my boyfriend's name...) PM...I love the vernis collection, but I'm scared of colour transfer.
  8. hey ya
    welcome!!! if you're having doubts already then i say return it and get something you'll LOVE :love: i totally LOVE the mandarin, the colour is just so AWESOME! If you're going to exchange your pochette, i'd say get a Reade PM, i think its a great bag! :nuts: good luck with what you decide to do! :flowers:
  9. Hi Chichi, I think you should keep it, the color is great, however I also like my Damier Papillon, that is a versatile bag.
  10. Keep is so cute and a gorgeous color. Even if you don't use it right away I would say hang on to it. You WILL end up using it.

  11. Hi---is this a fellow muaer (I'm guessing by the "chichi" reference)? I have loved the damier papillon for a while....such a unique bag imho! Well I'll let you know what I decide!!! :o)

    xoxo C
  12. love the color!
  13. I would keep it, especially since it's not that expensive in terms of LV bags, I love having epi pochettes in colors like that, I find myself using the colored bags rather than a black bag more often than not! The other items you're considering are great too, I have the papillon and am getting a reade pm, but those items aren't going anywhere. Plus the mandarin looks amazing on you!
  14. ITA... follow your heart!:nuts:
  15. i think you should keep it since its discontinued and you might regret not getting it later!