Should I exchange my Damier ebene Speedy 30?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm so excited to share that I made my first LV purchase yesterday with some fellow TPFer, but.... when I got home and closely examined my Speedy, it seems the canvas print is kind of tilted. I thought that the canvas is supposed to be somewhat visibly aligned?? Should I exchange it for another Speedy or is this normal? Thanks!
  2. Ive got one and want help but I dont understand whet excatly it means. maybe u have pics?
  3. Please see the below picture. Notice how the canvas pattern is kind of tilted...

  4. Its hard to say because of flashlight but at first look your speedy looks good and normal. I can show u the same pic of mine and you will know better. :smile:
  5. If you don't feel right I would take it back.
  6. [​IMG]

    this is mine.
  7. I would check out some of the other Speedies in the store to see if you like the patterning/stitching any better. All the Speedies will vary a little, so pick the one that makes you happy. Good luck!!!
  8. claudis_candy- Thank for your help. It seems like your Speedy is similar to mine. I suppose they are just made like that.

    beach- I might just go back to the store to check them out. Thanks
  9. you're welcome!
    I think this is rather normal but go to store and check it!

    good luck!
  10. I totally agree with everyone!!!
  11. Looks fine to me, but if it bothers you, check out others in the store to set your mind at ease.
  12. You won't be happy if you don't at least go back to the store and check out the alignment of the other patterns, IMHO. You didn't spend $100 on a bag - LVs are a major purchase! I say it would be worth the time and effort to go examine the other bags and make an exchange, if need be.
  13. I agree, when your dropping this kind of money, you want to feel confident that you are getting what you want. Take it back, and check some of the others out. At the very least it will put your mind at ease.
  14. Your bag looks lovely to me. I own the Damier ebene speedy 30. Fill the bag up with tissue or somthing so that the canvas is expanded and totally unfolded, then take a closer look. I might just appear this way because they are stored folded at the boutique. Good Luck and enjoy. The damier ebene speedy 30 is one of my favorite, "turn-to" bags!
  15. It looks right to me, but I garee you should go back to the store and check some other bags out.