should i exchange a medium lambskin flap for a jumbo patent leather

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  1. i want to be able to use the bag during the day/for work. its my second chanel (first is a dark silver reissue 226). i'm inclined to keep the lambskin since prices are going up so steeply, but i don't know if i'll ever be able to find the patent leather one again. which would be better for my "growing" collection?

  2. I think you should get the Jumbo patent leather. It's gorgeous.
  3. is the patent leather just for this season or can i expect to see it in years to come?
  4. Smooth is correct as always, go for the jumbo patent.
  5. I have the Jumbo patent, and I love it. I've heard that the crackled patent is only for this season, so you might want to get that now if you like it.
  6. Tough one, but I would go for the patent.

    Good luck!
  7. has anyone seen the jumbo patent in a store recently? tell me where to look for one.

  8. Call Mariela at Neiman's in San Diego, I'm sure she'll be able to find one for you. 619-692-9100. Good luck.
  9. I would go for the patent too... lambskin is gorgeous and luxurious, but you mentioned wanting to use it for work, and patent (crackled in particular) might wear better, if that's a concern of yours. How do you like your dark silver reissue? I have it and it's gorgeous! :smile:

  10. the dark silver is really beautiful - i haven't worn it yet
  11. I bought the jumbo crackled patent over the lambskin because my SA said the crackled patent would only be available this season and I can get the lambskin anytime. I :heart: my jumbo patent.
  12. Jumbo patent is the way to go!
  13. How do you think the leather will hold up over time???
  14. Go for jumbo crackled patent.
  15. I saw some at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California).