Should I dye my hair dark?

  1. I was born w/ really light blonde hair and thick black eyebrows. My hair stayed light until I was in middle school, then gradually darkened to a light/mid brown shade. I started highlighting it in hs and have continued doing that for the past 8 years. I am going to highlight it again for my wedding, but then am considering going dark because I feel my eyebrows stick out too much. My stylist dyed them once, but they only lightened slightly and just looked odd against my dark eyelashes. My fiance tells me he'd love for me to dye my hair dark but I'm afraid I'll hate it and it will take forever to get back to the color I have now. Everyone else I know is so used to my light hair they say I'd look odd as a brunette.

    -Should I change my hair color? If so, lighter or darker/What color do you think would look best with my skin tone and features? If you have examples, please post so I can bring them to my stylist (she'll do whatever I ask for and isn't opinionated on this subject)

    Please help, your opinions are all I have to go on right now! Thanks so much in advance!

    Pics are of what my hair looks like now, and my hair the darkest and lightest it's been in the past 3 yrs.
    3.jpg 4.jpg erin.jpg
  2. I like the color you have in the first picture. They say you should go back to the color you had when you were a child as that is the color nature intended for you. Eyebrows should be a shade darker. You could also go darker and put some hilights in. Im thinking of doing that too.
  3. You're so pretty!!! I really like your hair color in the first and second pics the best. I think it looks more natural on you.
  4. Luccibags- I've heard that before. That's why I did my hair light in the third picture- that's just a tad darker than the color it was when I was young. But my eyebrows were never light so I could never to that second part of it!

    Ellacoach- Thanks so much :shame:
    I agree, the color in those two blends more seamlessly w/ my darker eyebrows and lashes. Do you think it would be better even darker?
  5. I like your hair darker. The blond color kind of washes you out. I would say go dark but not too dark. Perhaps a light brown with carmel highlights. If you like it you can always go a shade or two darker next time. The worst thing to do is go very dark--it is too shocking to see such a drastic change in the mirror.
    I think the first two pictures you posted are very pretty colors. You look great.
  6. I have always loved dark hair. I would go for it, and go with a semi color. That way if you get tired of it, it will wash out quickly. No matter what you decide, you will look good either color direction you go.
  7. Maybe just a bit darker, but I wouldn't go too dark. Last year I made the mistake of going too dark, and it took probably about 4 months or so for it to fade enough to where I really liked it. Looking back now, I'm not sure why I didn't go back to have it fixed!! :s. I think some caramel highlights would look great on you as gillianna mentioned!! But I think you'll look fabulous regardless of which shade you choose!
  8. I'm normally a pro-brunette kinda girl, but I really love that first color on you! You look great with all those colors, but that is the most natural looking IMO :yes:
  9. I think darker hair would look great on you!
  10. I like the second pic best. I think if you go a little darker (not too dark), it would look natural and superfab! Good luck.
  11. Thanks for all the opinions & tips! Is it best to just ask for more low-lights next time or use a wash-out dye (are those compatible w/ highlights?)
  12. i think black is too drastic. plus, when you dye it black you would have to wait til your hair fully grows out to dye it a different colour. i suggest trying a rich chocolate brown, i think that would be pretty or the darkest brown (almost looks black) :tup:
  13. ^ I used to have honey colored highlights. When I got sick of them, I told the stylist that my goal was to not have to dye it anymore, to just let it grow out. He did a single process semi-permanent chocolate brown and it looked fantastic! It was so glossy and pretty. You could still see the highlights a little bit, but I was able to just let it grow out like I wanted. I've only done gloss/ glaze since then and I do it myself. It's sooooooooo much easier!!!
  14. First off, you are beautiful! Second, I think this color is gorgeous on you. It looks so healthy and natural! :tup:

  15. echo_23: Which type of darker shade are you looking for? How about adding highlights too? I think it would look awesome on your skintone. Good luck!