Should I buy this Miu Miu? Opinions please!

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  1. Help! I need you lovely Miu Miu'ers to give me your opinions on this bag! It was featured on purseblog and had a very strong "love or hate" reaction. Personally, I love this bag and can't stop thinking about it, but I worry a bit that I will get sick of it or it will look dated in a few years. For background, my favourite Miu Miu (and one of my most versatile, most complimented bags) is the black large Nappa Charm. I carry that bag very often because it's more or less weather proof, fits a ton and looks great on. I am hoping this bag will be the same, as it's also slouchy and roomy, but it has more of an edge.

    I also own a Zaffiro bow (but am sick of it) and a pink Chevron patch (which I rarely carry because I don't like the plastic chain strap anymore and the leather is very delicate). I prefer Miu Miu's bigger, slouchier bags. My all-time faves by Miu Miu include: the Nappa Patch and the Harlequin, so that is more my style. (Never had the chance to own those bags but I still lust after them!)

    I don't buy too many bags anymore, so I have to be careful about making a decision! Any advice would be totally appreciated! TIA!

    Here's the link on purseblog:

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  2. mmm decisions decisions...I understand how you feel about not buying that many bags anymore, I have been feeling that way lately...I also love the Nappa Patch, the Harlequin not so much...and my favorite miu miu is the Nappa Charm as it's big, practical, light, weather proof (sort of), chic, cool, modern, miumiu and accessible...oh yes, it's perfect lol...

    If you really love it I would go for it but my only concern with it would be color that I think about it I don't think I've ever seen this particular miu miu in real life but I am always scared of color transfer in light miu miu bags....if you don't mind that or don't think this could be a problem with this bag and love it that much, go for it...
  3. i saw that bag yesterday and its really gorgeos!!! GO FOR IT! ;)
  4. ^What was the leather like - was it shiny/coated like the nappa charm or was it matte? I hadn't considered colour transfer but I had thought about it showing dirt more easily than my nappa charm, which seems to be indestructible.
  5. I think she is beautiful with style and personality:smile:
  6. Thanks for the input! Please keep it coming! Does anyone here actually own this bag?
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    I do not own this bag so take my opinion with big big reserve. I do like it but not as an everyday bag though.

    I own two bags with fringes, and I do put them back to sleeping bag often because I get sick of fringes.

    I think you might wait for your loved ones rather because (as the comment said on Purse blog) they did overdo fringes on this bag in two layers.

    I have one bag with even more fringes (YSL fringe hobo)


    but it is not mixed with smooth leather not is meant to be everyday bag.

    I dot carry this one much because fringes will start geting dirty first and that is a nightmare to clean - once the light tips start darkening, your entire clean beautiful bag gets an old dirty look.

    I have another fringe bag but it is black, so dirt would not show, and they are so understated that I do to even see it as a fringe bag, still I just do not carry it as often as smooth leather bags.

    This is Hayden Harnett Wyeth hobo

    The two Miu Mius you are lusting for are waaaaaay more versatile and have waaay more character than this one
  8. I'm not a fan of fringe at all.
  9. Good points to consider. I guess the fringe would get dirty easily. I'm probably not going to be using this bag as an everyday bag, but was thinking of using it on weekends and maybe on the occasional trip.
  10. I agree with mursepurse, not a fan either.
    I would also fear to just get tired of this bag so quickly and I also think miu miu has so many other pretty bags to offer :smile:
  11. Hmmm... mixed reviews here. I still love it but I admit it's dangerous without having seen it IRL. I find that I get sick of classic bags faster than I get sick of edgy bags but I am a big Chanel flap fan too, which seems paradoxical. I don't know what to do! Maybe wait and see if this bag goes on sale online, if it ever does?