Should I buy this Dior Bikini? Is it cute?


Should I buy it?

  1. Yes, absolutely, it's cute!

  2. No, not great.

  3. You could, but I have seen better bikinis...

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  1. Pretty and cute? Or eh, I've seen better?
    Dior.jpg Dior 2.jpg
  2. It is cute, but I think it depends what your style is - on me, it would look really trashy, I think, but on the model it looks quite elegant... do you wear animal print well?
  3. I agree - It looks cute on this model but I personally prefer sportier bikinis like Roxy and things.

    Also, in a way I do resent spending this much money (as its Dior I'm expecting it is really expensive) on that little material.
  4. The shape is good, but the pattern is a bit too much for me.
  5. LOL me too! They're about 25 grams of material and they cost as much as a whole outfit...:rolleyes: I like nautical stripes and more cutesy, less "grown up" or stylish bikinis...
  6. IMO, this screams "I'm trying too hard!" Sorry!

    With so many cute options out there to buy bikinis, I don't think you need to go down the designer laber road...especially with the designers's name pastered to your rear.

    But if you feel in your heart that this is the cutest bikini for you regardless of brand, then I say go for it!
  7. i think its really cute only if your really thin.. because those sides would give me love handles
  8. the jeweled dior logo is what really kills it for me...and probably the price. haha. the pattern is kind of funny...cowhide or rust stains?
  9. It's cute but with that print and cut you would have to be really thin and/or in shape.
  10. Its cute but too trendy.
  11. Ohhhh lahhhh.... I love it!!! What is the price tag???
  12. yea what is the price? i think that would be the determining factor for me.
  13. Love it!
  14. Like some of the others said, it depends on the price... I'm not into designer bathing suits in general, because they're soooooo expensive for what you get. So unless it's an amazing deal and it looks insanely better than anything else I wouldn't buy it. I don't think I've ever spent more than $100 on a suit and I haven't found that there's much difference between mid-priced and designer ones. JMHO...
  15. i think it's cute if you have the body for it! with that said, i purchased a burberry bikini two years ago ( i was DYING for one) and i quickly regretted buying it because of the lack of coverage and cheap/thin material. after i spent the money i think i used it once. since it was a bathing suit i couldn't return it...

    also, i think the dior suit is more of a "showpiece" because of the dior name on it. is that rhinestones on the sides? i doubt it'll be able to handle chlorine and or sand.