Should i buy these?

  1. I was browsing the internet and came across these beauty's!

    [​IMG] :love:

    there $395!!

    I am debting these Gucci peep toes or these DIOR pumps!!


    which are 375$
  2. Cute!!

    taking a look at it again.. and I loooove the inner green/red lining! I'm a huge fan of subtle touches..
  3. I don't want to influence you but I do love the Gucci ones. I am not too much into monogram shoes of any kind but the peep toe is too sexy to pass by. HTH
  4. Go for the Gucci!
  5. I like Gucci monogram. It says "look @ me"! And nothings wrong that if you're a diva. So I say go 4 the Gucci.
  6. The Gucci one's are sooo hot I would get the Gucci. The Dior are too simple you need killer Gucci style....
  7. luv the Gucci's. I'm thinking of the same monogram in the mule style..
  8. Gotta get the Gucci! I have a similiar style shoe and get tons of compliments on them.
  9. Looooooove the Gucci's!
  10. Ohhh, get the guccis. There are really cute!!!
  11. the gucci ones are HOT :nuts: i love the bow on the front
  12. GUCCIS.. because i have them.. and they're HAWT!
  13. hehe...everyone said gucci..
  14. Maybe i should post this thread also in the DIOR spot to see what people say LOL JK i really love gucci's ahhh i get paid next week so will see
  15. i say BOTH!!!!!! hehehheee
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