Should I buy the Jack and Lucie Key Ring?

  1. I need a key ring! Well I probably don't NEED it but I saw a Jack and Lucy Key ring recently, should I buy it or just get the extender? Thanks guys. :confused1:
  2. I say yes get the keychain, looks good on alot of bags!!!
  3. Yes! It is too cute!:yes:
  4. I just got one for my bag and I love it.
    I was told that there are only about 19 left, so I would definately get it.
  5. Yes! I have both colors and love them, they're adorable all times of the year!
  6. Absolutely! I purchased one...returned it..then kept thinking about it and purchased it again. When I purchased there were only 20 left in USA. Go for it!:tup:
  7. Yes! It's sooo cute! Get it! :nuts:
  8. <----luv mine, its looks great on mono and damier...
  9. i dont understand this keychain. why did they make it. (i know usually stuff has some sort of story.)