Should I buy the epi Madeleine PM in Red?

  1. I am planning to buy a new epi handbag and as I want a shoulder bag was thinking of the epi Madeleine PM. Share your thoughts - should I purchase this bag or another style in the Damier line. Thanks.:tup:
  2. well jane i think its a great choice if u think the passy gm is to big, but i still love the damier trevi either size :graucho::graucho:
  3. I love epi bags. but sorry to say that I am not a fan of Madeleine... it is a very cute bag but I will go for passy or damier trevi... it is too bad that epi line has so few shoulder bags.
  4. Yesterday, I looked at the Madeline in the Cassis. Beautiful bag. I may get it when it is released on Friday. I'm not a fan of the bag in the black or ivory, but think a color makes the simple lines of the bag stand out in a very nice way.
  5. really..:yahoo:pleasee tell me abou the cassis.. pleaseeeee..:angel:
  6. I think of all colors in Epi the Red is the most beautiful and striking! You can't go wrong with any epi red bag!
  7. I just bought this bag in black and love it! It's very comfortable to carry and so beautiful. I highly recommend it! :tup:
  8. Personally I would go for the Passy instead.


    Soooo hot!
  9. i love the epi madeleine pm in red - it's by far the best looking epi shoulder bag, imho.
  10. I really love the red madeleine. I think it is a great choice.
  11. The red Epi Madeline is on my list, you should definitely get it!
  12. For sure! I like the Madeleine PM and it has a zip top! :tup:
  13. I love the red colour in the Epi line, it`s a warm shade of red... I don`t like the Damier pattern at all, it reminds me of elderly women...:whistle:
    So go for the red!
    Regina :flowers:
  14. My favorite Epi's are: Passy and Sac Montaigne! If you go with Madeleine I would def buy her in red!
  15. It's nice, but I prefer the damier trevi....since you mentioned damier.