Should I buy the Coach cleaner for my leather bag?

  1. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth it? What is it best for?

    The bottom line - what should I get to keep my bag as nice as new?!?!?

  2. Well....let's put it like this......I own a GORGEOUS Coach camel leather duffle....and I had it on my dining room table one day....and my daughter who was 3 at the time had just eaten a Hershey Bar and of course, I wasnt paying attention!!!!!!! She walked into the dining room and *****GASP******!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOUCHED my camel duffle....but not ONLY touched it, she rubbed her hands ALL OVER IT as if she was fingerpainting on it.....of course I didnt know this til MINUTES LATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, the Coach leather cleaner took the stains out PERFECTLY, and the Coach moisturizer shined her right back up I am much more careful where I keep my bags!!!!
  3. For the most part most leather just needs to wiped down with a moist cloth and conditioned, (apple conditioner) which cleans and protects. It just depends :wtf: how "at risk" :nuts: your leather may be, I guess we're all :shrugs:susceptible. Perhaps it's just good to have some on hand!:idea:

    But ... I think Coach has a disclaimer, the cleaner is not recommended for some leathers, just make sure it can be used on the leather pieces you have.
  4. OMG MOMMYVILLE! That is horrible! I dont know how I would react to that! My husband would have to restrain me from.... lol just kidding
  5. I take my purses to a professional leather cleaner whenever they get dirty. I'm too scared of hurting my purses to clean them myself! I feel better knowing they are in the hands of professionals. Plus, I know that they will pay me back if they make a mistake whereas if I make a mistake, then I would just have to live with it.