Should I buy a grey Blake?

  1. Does anyone ave this bag? I saw it yesterdy for a great price, and I dont have a grey bag, I am saving for my
    Chanel, uhhhhhhhhh but this is such a good deal, almost half off. help
  2. Is it the light grey or the dark grey? Do you see yourself using the Blake or are you just attracted to the sales price?
  3. i don't have this bag, so i'm sorry i can't be of help there. however, it's a classic, beautiful bag in a versatile color and it's on sale to boot? :wtf:

    i would get it.
  4. i think Blake is nice, and half the price is quite a great bargain! what is the other Chanel bag that you are saving for? i would think that grey Blake is more a working purse. Blake is a shoulder and handheld bag, hope this helps!
  5. I want the chanel new expandable tote, and the gst and still love the baby cabas. But it will be a Chanel tote of some kind. In the next few weeks. I keep buying bags yes because they are on sale and I'm not loving them. The grey blake is nice , but it doesnt make me go nutts when I look at it. It is just ok, def a sales googles thing.
  6. Then keep savin for a CHANEL...U arent in love with the bag so dont buy it just cuz its on sale!!(Been there...DONE THAT!LOLOLOL!)
  7. Jill, I bought 3 Gucci bags because of the sale, I hate them lol! Im learning my lesson now.
  8. If I were you, I'd save for a while and get the Chanel bag that I always dream of. :graucho:
  9. Get the Chanel! It will probably be more worth it than an "just got it b/c it was on sale" impulse buy. ;)
  10. i agree.. get the chanel. Don't let the sales tempt you. Try to make a list of bags you want, and stick to it. If a bag that's on sale isn't on that list, then forget about it!
  11. Is it the Gray bag with the Gold hardware? If for that Chanel!! I think that Gray color would have looked better with the nickel hardware. Can I ask which stores are discounting this color though?
  12. if its on sale, and you absolutely :heart: it, then i say YES!
    you can still save up for the Chanel bag, but i just don't want you to regret passing up a GREY BLAKE! good luck! :heart: