should i be worried or scared......?

  1. so, i put my paddy that has an ink stain on it to the leather repair shop. i am kinda worried because the shop does not specialize in handbags.... they do everything.... and the guy looks kinda scary (like a biker guy... he is very nice tho....).
    i wasnt gonna have it fixed there (i know... i know.... i should not judge a book by its cover), but i saw an LV bag there (which i assumed was there to get fixed).
    do you think i am doing the right thing dropping off my paddy there?
  2. Did he seem confident that he could get it out? that is the only thing that matters. If he thinks he can, you have no reason to doubt it, often cobblers and shoemakers shops are tatty and untidy too! it just adds to the charm ;)

    Best of luck, I hope your paddy is perfect again soon.
  3. oh... he said he can... in fact he was telling me that the reason why it takes a week is because they have to mix colors to find the perfect blend for the color. he seemed very confident.... he gave me the bag one of those "i have done this a million time" look.
  4. Good luck! I hope they can do it for you! But if you saw an LV maybe they are good!
  5. Good luck!!! I'm sure it will be fine. There was a recent success story getting a pen mark out of a whiskey bag :yes:

    I'm curious, did they say what process they would use?? If they mix dye it sounds like re-coloring and blending that part of the bag? :shrugs:

  6. i think it will be re-coloring..... it cost very little... so i highly doubt it would be a very complicated process, no?
  7. I have heard that when you get any leather cleaned professionally they entire re-color it. So it's probably a pretty standard thing.

    Keep us posted and I have my fingers crossed for you that it's picture perfect!!

    Oh, how long???
  8. recolor the entire thing?
    no way.... i will cal them tomorrow to make sure.
    it takes a week.
    is that normal?
  9. I didn't know that - i thought they cleaned just the affected area...?:wtf:

    My paddy had some pen/ink marks on it which were removed and as far as i can see, only colour was re-applied to the area that was marked.

    They have to rub off the top layer of colour before applying the new 'coat' so surely if they had to do that to the whole bag, it would look quite different all over?:s

    me_love_purse, i hope all is well with your bag:flowers:
  10. I sent a couple of my Balenciagas for cleaning recently, and that was all they did: clean the surface. They could not get rid of the darkening on the handles because it was due to absorbed oils. They said the only way to get rid of the darkening is to re-dye the bag, which they do not advocate, because that changes the leather. So I think cleaning alone does not mean automatic re-dying.

    However, for ink stains, I think there is no way to get it out of the leather, so the only way is to cover it up, hence the colour touch-up.
  11. Basically, they *gently* strip it back to the 'bare' leather, layer by layer, until any ink damage is no longer apparent.
    Then they find the exact colour of your bag and touch up, layer by layer, where needed, to restore it to it's original glory.

    Apparently, once you've lost the original 'coating' you can't get it back though, so i think you have to decide whether the ink stain is really worth the bother?

    My whiskey still has a bit of 'bare' leather showing from a previous ink accident, this patch is quite delicate in the rain - all i do is touch it up with neutral polish now and again - it's quite absorbent, so i have to be careful with it.:flowers:
  12. i've had this process done with my ysl flower bag and they just applied color to the ink spot. it was fine! don't worry.
  13. me_love_purse,

    Dont worry! i'm sure the people you took it to are professionals. If anything does happen to the bag you might be protected by certain trading standards laws??

    But really dont worry, im sure everything will be fine :smile:
  14. i know... i am overly worried about this.....
    i went to the repair shop again today and told the guy not to re-color the whole bag no matter what.....
    i think my paddy will be okay..... in fact... i will not think about her til saturday when i have to pick her up.
  15. Oh dear, I hope I didn't freak you out!!!

    I get totally nervous about these things too. :Push:

    What I was trying to say was if a leather cleaner can redo an entire bag, your guy can probably redo just one spot :shame:

    Your bag will undoubtedly come back lovely and flawless!! :balloon: