Should I be concerned??

  1. Hi, if anyone has bought from Bergdorf Goodman offline, I would appreciate your response soooo much!

    last night I ordered a Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline Satchel. I was not a registered customer when I ordered, but I did recieve a confirmation email. I then created an account with the Bergdorf Goodman website about an hour after ordering. Today I did not recieve a shipment confirmation email (I do not know how long it takes to ship), so I logged onto my account. The Marc Jacobs order was not listed as on ny history, it just said I have no history. I did not know if this is because I did not have the account when I ordered the bag, or if something has gotten messed up. I did get a confirmation email though so I am trying not to panic..... I am going to be so disappointed if something went does anyone know anything? I am going nuts here! I have emailed BG but they have not responded yet! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. Not to worry. If you hadn't registered when you placed the order, the order is not associated with your account. That's why you're not seeing it as you log on to your account. Even if you placed an order as a guest at a site that you are registered at, but didn't 'log in' to the site to place the order, it won't be associated with your account.
  3. ^ITA with you...
  4. UPDATE:
    BG called my mom today and said that they didn't know what she had ordered and she told them and they said they were sorry but they had no record of her ever ordering the bag. My heart literally sank, I knew something was weird with the website. When she told me this I got mad and said they sent a confirmation number, so she decided to call them back. She is on vacation in Miami so I didn't get to hear the details of everything they said yet, but she called me back and said the bag would be delivered to me on January 4th. I guess something worked!! I just hope it gets here without any more hassle.
  5. What color did you get? I got the one that's a slight variation of this, in gold metallic and I love it. It's great for everday, and big enough to hold everything. The outer pockets are really handy too!
  6. I ordered the tan color! it's very beautiful, I am hoping I do recieve it and nothing else comes of this except a new bag to love! and I know exactly which gold variation you are talking about. I have not seen it IRL but on the website it looked amazing!!!