Should I be concerned? --> Quality Issue

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  1. My very favorite bag is my speedy 35 DE and I've had it since Christmas. It's so beautiful and perfect..... except for the fact that there is no 35 under the tab. I know it is genuine because I bought it myself at my LV and it has the cloth tag (yippe for U.S. bags! :lol: ). Sometimes I like to pretend the creases in the suede are the 35, but I just can't see it. It makes me feel as if the production was so rushed that they just skipped this step altogether. I've had this bag since last Xmas.... what do I do? I know I should've acted earlier but they had to overnight it for me because my LV was all out of them. what to do!?
    P.S. I will post pictures later!
  2. No, this truly wouldn't bother me. It's authentic and you know that, so that's all that matters IMO. It won't cause any future issues and its underneath the tab, so for me it really wouldn't be an issue. My speedy 30 that I sold didn't have it either and my 35 was barely visible
  3. I didn't see it on my Keepall, and didn't see it on my Speedy either. I was under the impression that I was just getting too old to see it.
  4. no problem
  5. I have the DE speedy 30 MIF and mine doesn't have the 30 stamped under the tab either. I always wondered about that too but I see no flaws on the bag( stitching, creases, zipper gaps, wrinkles, etc....) so it's perfect to me :smile:

  6. +1!!!!!!
  7. This is not an issue, some bags have it, some don't... I have no idea why but a friend of mine has it on his keepall 50 DE, mine in Monogram hasn't got it. Doesn't bother me.
  8. I bought the same bag around the same time and it's a MIU. I honestly didn't know where to find the 35, someone told me to pull the hardware outward to be able to view it. I checked 3 times before I finally found it.
  9. Do nothing, enjoy the bag.
  10. Thank you guys! I love it even more now!