should every woman own a SPEEDY...?

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  1. ...Is it a wardrobe/life staple do you think?

    PS. Any brand -- not just LV

  2. Nah, not into hand helds.
  3. Of course not! :biggrin: Dont' like it.
  4. No, I hate the style. There are soooo very much prettier doctor styles.
  5. I think it's a classic style that never ever goes out of fashion. I think a hand held bag is the best and looks the best with a polished look. This is just my opinion. I say yes buy one and it doesn't have to be a LV she is right.
  6. no
  7. I agree.

    FYI- I always wanted an LV monogram Speedy but after seeing them on everyone and their mum and the MANY fakes around then i really became turned off. I just today got my Fendi boston which is the same shape but so much nicer i think... I LOVE crook of the arm bags ;D
  8. no of course not. and there are many other bags that look similar that i'd much rather own (Marc Jacobs Westside for one)

  9. No. I think each person needs to take into account her own tastes and lifestyle. As the mother of three kids, there's no way I could carry a speedy and I'm good with that.

    I think part of enjoying bags and fashion in general is knowing what truly works for you and being true to that knowledge.
  10. Some people don't like carrying handhelds so no not necessarily. Not every woman needs to own a speedy even if they like handhelds. Though the doctor satchel is a a classic shape. I have a couple of Gucci Bostons and they fit my needs and being more diverse, there's less people carrying the exact bag.

    Pic of one of my bostons:
  11. I admit it...I used to think that the LV Speedy was a staple. But I've realized that hand held bags aren't practical for me. So my Speedy is actually next in line to be parted with.
  12. not a fan
  13. user215093_pic50995_1266276358[1].jpg


    No, the speedy is not s staple bag... Many people do not like this style.. Now I really do like the style but not LV it is very plane and common...

    I prefer the Gucci Boston or the Coach Sabrina they have stunning styles and are not common bags..
  14. no - not everyone can do handhelds. every woman should own what's best for her.
  15. oh see i thought THIS bag would be called a speedy... i thought it was a shape?
    like a little hand held doctor style bag?
    am i wrong?