should change my chanel?

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  1. Dear all,

    I just bought my first Chanel GST in black cavier with GHW last week... but i was thinking its not as iconic? I was wondering if i should change it to the Classic Flap Black Cavier in MAXI or Jumbo...i'm looking for a large shoulder bag... which was why i bought the GST initially..

    should i change my GST to Jumbo or maxi? Please help guys... please =(:crybaby:
  2. Why do you think its not a "iconic"? It is actually.

    I believe that when you start getting into Chanel bags like flaps, you will still get the GST eventually along the way, its a beautiful bag. And the price will also rise like the flaps so keep it.

  3. if i were u i would exchange it with jumbo flap
  4. it is a great bag, but different. I sort of wish I had gotten the jumbo now because I always thought I would get one later, and with price increase can't. (they were about the same back then) But I love it, it goes with everything, and I get lots of compliments on it.
  5. Seems that the jumbo is more popular among everyone and its like the choice bag... while the GST is rather quiet... i'm still in a huge dilemma... please help...
  6. Mmmmm. Flap. I like the flap. :smile:
  7. should i change? i'm still debating...the GST is not very popular is it?
  8. Don't worry about what we think:idea:
    A GST IS iconic as well, but you need to have what YOU need.
    I personally have been collecting Chanel for a few years and still don't have a flap, it's not the right bag for me.
    I am a tote girl so a GST is more for me than a flap.
  9. With Chanel, they are so expensive now that it has to be absolutely right for you.
    The fact you are having doubts makes me think perhaps it is not the perfect bag for you.

    Did you try the GST and the Jumbo out originally? what was it (apart from the obvious price difference) that made you favour the GST then, but perhaps not now?
  10. I am a flap gal so i would prefer Jumbo or Maxi better than GST. However, do take note of the "wings" problem with Maxi. ;)
  11. i had not seen the jumbo or the maxi till i came across this forum. what i saw was the medium flap and its really too small for me... after which i saw the GST... i went to try it and i thought it suits me because it can fit my stuff. my daily essentials are:

    1) cosmetic pouch
    2) PM organiser
    3) Wallet
    4) coin purse
    5) Tissue holder
    6) facial blotter holder
    7) a small pouch with 2 thumb drives.

    Can the jumbo or the maxi fit all these?
  12. the gst was hugely popular 2 years ago- my black was wait listed-I think what makes the flap so desirable right now is the huge price increases it keeps going through- it makes people want to buy before anything else happens-also the flap comes in more colors, so you hear more about them- I say try both on- Go for what you need- I love the look of a flap, but a tote works more for me (if I got a flap, it wouldn't be black because of my GST)
  13. btw- gst has also gone up from $1600 2 years ago Jumbo was $1800
  14. I personally believe after you decide to get the flap, you will miss the GST. So keep the GST, and start saving up for the flap!
  15. I'm a huge fan of flaps, especially the jumbos. Last year I got the black patent GST and fell in love! I use my GST more often than flaps simply because it holds so much more (sunglass holder and cosmetic pouch come to mind)

    Good luck with your decision!