Should a dude wear a messenger bag?


Should a dude carry a messenger bag?

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  1. I'm a male college student and I currently use a backpack. Do you think it's a good idea to switch to a messenger bag? I've thought about it several times but I never actually bought a messenger bag. Should I buy a high end messenger bag like Dior Homme, Gucci, the canvas Juicy Couture, Jack Spade, Tumi, etc...or should I buy something low key like Puma or Timbuk2, Chrome, or something from Target?
  2. I think guys look great with messenger bags! For college though, I would do low key for a couple reasons. Unfortunately, you can't trust all your peers so I wouldn't want to get an expensive bag stolen from me. Also, in a packed classroom, you're bound to have to eventually put your bag on the dirty floor. Where I live, it snows like crazy in winter and the class floors get puddled with dirty slushy snow and water. Plus, you have to walk around campus in the elements. I'd go "sporty" and cheaper for those reasons, but that doesn't mean it has to be a fug bag!
  3. I agree with the above. Plus, you'll be shoving books in and out of it so you wouldn't want the lining, exterior, pockets, etc. to be damaged. I think the only one of your first list that I would think would be practical is Jack Spade, but that could even be pushing it. I always associate backpacks with middle schoolers (no offense to those who like them). A messenger back serves the same purpose equally as well, but while I don't think there is any way to make a backpack look remotely stylish, there are messenger bags that do. I think if you would want to have a smaller messenger bag to carry around outside of class, (because I always hate having things in my pockets, and I'm guessing other guys feel the same way) then a Dior Homme bag would be great. They're mostly pretty simple, and a black leather sling bag could be worn with most everything in an average man's wardrobe, and they hold up very well if you clean them once in a while. But for class, something simple in nylon, canvas or a thick cotton would be best.
  4. yes, Yes, YEs, YES!!!!
  5. I definitely think messenger bags are okay to be worn by men. Personally, I wouldn't want to see my man in logos (i.e. LV logos, Gucci, etc), but a plain (LV nomade, etc) bag would look cool. In your case, I wouldn't buy an expenvie bag for school for the same reasons the other posters have mentioned. Also, when I was going to college, I found that back packs saved my shoulder from trotting those heavy books all over campus....something to think about when switching to messenger bags.
  6. I agree with the previous posters, nothing wrong with getting a messenger bag. I also think that you shouldn't get a desinger messenger bag with logos because it might give you the look you aren't trying to go for, feminine
  7. sure why not? just make sure that when you wear it, its across the shoulders. placing heavy books in the bag and then wearing it on one shoulder can do damage to your back.

    its happened to me
  8. Well, as a man myself and a fashion designer, I'd suggest you wear whatever you like. However, a sharp messenger bag can look quite good on a guy. There are other styles which you may want consider also: such as reporters, totes and satchels.

    As far as logos go, some guys like them and some guys don't. However, I've never seen a logo-ed messenger bag make a man look feminine - not unless it's got little daisies or 'hello kitty' or some other fem crap on it, or it's hot pink. Sorry, ladies; having a man-to-man here! ;)

    Since you haven't worn a messenger before, I'd suggest you go for an inexpensive one first - say $100 or so - and then see how you feel about wearing it. Triple Five Soul, a hip young label out of NYC, makes some nice bags in this price range, that would probably suit a guy in your age group - I assume you're in your 20s. However, if you get one and decide you really like wearing them, then perhaps a more expensive bag would be in order.

    Here's the URL for Triple Five Soul's line of manbags: Triple Five Soul - Manbags

    Another thing I'd suggest, if you do get a messenger, is to make sure it's a good decent size - say laptop size. If you get a small one it starts to look too much like a women's purse - this is a "no no" in your age group, particularly in the US, and you'll catch all sorts of **** for it.
  9. I like messenger bags on guys! I think the type of bag you should get depends on how you normally dress... I've seen guys rock everything from Gucci to Disney (yes DISNEY) messenger bags. Just get something that you really love and that matches your style and you'll be fine IMO...
  10. I think except for backpack, a messenger bags are really fit for guys... I saw many guys using this kind of bag...
  11. i even want my bf to have a tote or hand-held handbag. you sure will look great w messenger bags
  12. Hello there
    I voted YES, because i think when people have backpacks they tend to overpack and tote around stuff they don't really need...
    Low key or high end will depend on where you go to school, I go to a "private" college of 1400 people and we all know each other and I don't think anyone would think of stealing your bag.. also we don't carry books, most of the time it's just a notebook or even a flying piece of paper.
    So i think you should consider the following:
    - the kind of people surrounding you
    - The weather if it's raining snowing ... windy (ya sometimes i feel like unbalanced because of wind.. but high heels might be the reason too..)
    - The load you need to carry and
    - Most important: if you would feel conmfortbale wearing a messenger bag

    If you go for it i suggest smooth leather or bi-color and preferaly no overwhelming logos

    i'm sure you'll look great!
  13. My OH now uses a messenger bag, he wanted designer but under the radar so went for Dunhill. It has no designer logos or stamps on the outside
  14. Well... this thread is from 2007, so the OP is most likely not going to check his resurrected thread. However, on the general topic, I do think guys look good w/messenger bags! Rock whatever you want.