Short dispute-related questions!! Help! :/

  1. Hi!

    I received a fake Fendi, and I wonder is it from the PayPal-web site I do the report? And from what link? And does the sellers account freeze straight away?
    Thank You so much!
  2. Yes, if you paid with Paypal, you need to open a dispute with Paypal and they should freeze any funds that are in there.
  3. Thanks! I hope I do it the right way..
  4. Did you buy the item from eBay? The place to start is directly on "myebay" go to the item purchased and next to it is a drop down box that says "report an item not received" ---> select that and it will take you to a page that says "Report an Item not received or not as described: Choose item" that way eBay has immediate record of the problem and this will also automatically link you to Paypal as well where you continue with the dispute. You then have the option to file a dispute and/or immediately escalate to a claim. A dispute is going to be a place where you try work things out directly with the seller (it is done thru Paypal's website but without Paypal's involvement at that stage.) You escalate to a claim to get Paypal's involvement to help solve the case. Hope it works out!
  5. oogf..I can't find it..I've been now discussing the case with the seller on Paypal's web site.. Should I open the item listing-site, or is the drop down box on the My eBay-site? left or right side?
    Thank You SO much! This is a bit hard.. :sad:
  6. Oh I found it!
  7. Hi again! :smile:

    I tried to file a dispute through ebay, but it leads me to paypal? is that correct? so, if i've paid through paypal, it's is the way to handle the case? I've already filed a dispute through I need to do one more from ebay?

    Thank you! :smile:
  8. If you've already opened it in Paypal, then you do not need to do another through Ebay. It is the same, just another way to get to it.
  9. And then, how much does it approx. cost to get a certificate of un-authenticy? Do you recommend My Poupette, or is there someplace else cheaper to get one? And do they do for Paypal? I have a strong feeling this seller doesn't give up :sad:

  10. Try getting it authenticated by
    (but I think she only deals with LVs)
  11. If Carol is familiar with this particular style she will take a look. She has a much better reputation here than My Poupette. And I wouldn't reccomend authenticating this item until PayPal tells you to because sometimes they don't even ask for this paperwork; however, if they do ask, they will only give you 10 days to respond. Good luck!
  12. Thank You so much for your time and the great advice! :smile: Is there something wrong with My Poupette? I know asked Carol, she hasn't answered me yet..
    Do you think I can get a written statement based on photographs? It can be quite expensive to send the bag from Finland to be authenticated..

    Thanks! :smile:
  13. ^^Yes, just send them the link to the auction and the pictures of the item you received and they should be able to authenticate it.
  14. OMG the seller escalated this to a claim :sad: I'm freaked out! I'm a law student, and usually not afraid to fight for my rights, but my English is not probabaly as good as it should be to deal with something this serious.. I'm afarid I misunderstand something, and because of that I loose the case :sad:

    Thanks for your support!!! I appreciate it SO much!!