shoptokidoki? fakes?

  1. What happens with the people that post FAKE tokidoki bags or such? I just joined and I'm at a loss that one of the first listings I came across had a fake qee. :wtf:
  2. really? >_>; i thought shoptokidoki was all authentic
  3. can i post the picture? Or is it not good? lol if its alright to post the fake qee i will. :o
  4. well i guess i wouldnt put it past people... im on this vivienne westwood thread thing on a forum and we talk alot about her accessories there... then some new person came and asked us if we wanted to buy some stuff... apparently she tried to charge us over retail for fakes but we could tell... it was very akward xD
  5. *OOKAY due to my stupidness i took away the link. rofl. ><*

    it IS fake isn't it? I mean it's not just me? >< i would hate to accuse the girl because I couldn't recognize it. :[
  6. Lol that's just the back of the qees head. It turns around. Looks legit to me.
  7. ooh. XD haha. there yah go! i couldn't recognize it!! i guess i still have a lot to learn rofl. ><
  8. Yeah, that's the back of the head...I don't understand why some people turn it around but hmm yeah it looks OK other than the head is backwards...
  9. Yeah I'm just glad there haven't been any fakes yet on shoptokidoki! :smile:
  10. ooh okay thats good. now i feel embarrassed rofl. >< lets delete this thread. :sweatdrop:
  11. If a fake anything ever got posted on shoptokidoki I can guarantee it would get called out and the listing removed immediately.
  12. thats a good point. i'm on eBay so much i can almost always tell fakes from real bags instantly.

    they just look *off* to me.

    and i'm sure at least 70% of the members on shoptokidoki have developed the same unique talent.:p
  13. Yup!:yes:
  14. when I get bored w/looking at it...I turn it around!! i do it ALL the time on my BF's Angiolettos to drive him :nuts:!! it works every time :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. lmfao, OK hahahhaa. But, if you were selling a bag, would you do that to the picture? haha.