Shopping Regrets - The one that got away!

  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    I feel bad that I let a good sale get away... my friends think I'm silly and I should get over it - but I'm so hung up over it! I always feel its too much money to drop on one item - then once I walk away I feel like it was such a good deal (and I love the items) and regret it. These usually happen at sample sales and such when I don't have time to think, go home, do research prior to making my purchases. Sometimes I feel like I just really get hung up on it cause I can't have it anymore (or something along that psychological matter).

    A month ago I let a Miu Miu Mini Bow Satchel in Grey getaway for 390 Euros (From the SPACE outlet - not including the 12% tax refund due to VAT) and two days ago I let go of a pair of Jimmy Choo Nude Suede Silky Shoes (style extremely similar to the Jimmy Choo's Esam) get away for $360.24 (including taxes at the Beyond the Rack Sample Sale in Toronto).

    What are some sales that you let go and regret not buying it back then? How do you get over it? Hahhahaa...
  2. Such a great thread! Well I have had a few major regrets. Nothing was as good a deal as yours, but since there always seem to be price increases I suppose I would have saved money.

    Biggest regret ever. I was bidding on a chanel m/l lace flap on eBay. I chickened out at the end trying to convince myself I did not need it. Silly silly me it sold for under 3k and was in like new condition!!! I wish I had attempted to be a final bidder on that one.
  3. Oooh I hate that feeling! I still kick myself for the Balenciaga RH Work I didn't buy that was on sale for €500.
    I never got over it and still think about it sometimes, silly me :lol:
    On the other side, I now always use that Bal as an excuse to buy good deals I don't need/don't know if I should buy them to avoid having that feeling again :biggrin: In the end, buying that Bal would have saved me so much money :biggrin:
  4. One of my "the one that got away" was a Balenciaga also. It was a black city in RH at an unbelievable price (around $700-800), and I knew I should have gotten it the day I called the store. Instead I said, I'll call back hoping and praying no one knew about it and that it would go down some more. Unfortunately, when I decided to finally pull the trigger it was gone. It has certainly left me with an unrealistic notion that I will only buy a black bbag for that price.
  5. Great thread!

    Shopping with my mom a year ago - python and leather Gucci clutch at the San Leandro Catholic charities dinner (once a year invite only charity dinner), selling for $550.00. My mom offered to buy it for me, but I don't like clutch purses. Now, of course, they're back in style.
  6. Bluefly had this amazing sale of all these designer shoes for 29.99!! I got the email in the morning but ignored it thinking nothing worthwhile was in it. When i found out what was up i rushed to the site only to see everything sold out :sad:
  7. The shoes in my signature :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  8. I let go a pair of Prada pony hair pumps platform pumps that I found at Saks off 5th for $280 after taxes. It was the last one and in my size too!

    Also let go a Dior tote, can't remember the style name, but it was when Dior still had sales in their boutiques. It was $400 down from like $2000.

    I regret to this day >___<
  9. I never thought of price increases!! Ahhh... now I'm starting to really regret letting go of the bags and shoes! Hopefully you will find another chanel bag for a good price :smile: But wow... i just googled the bag - its so pretty!

    i know!! i HATE the feeling!!! it's almost like a shopaholic meltdown/depression!!!! the feeling gets me in such a funk =w='' LOL yes. if i bought that bag last month i would have saved myself a lot of money trying to avoid the feeling again when i saw the department store sales! and now i have the feeling again :sad: LOL next time im just gonna buy it! and hopefully shoppers remorse won't kick in (if not i can eBay it... i guess?)

    awww :sad: i hope you find another bbag for a great price!!! if it did it before - it'll happen again! that's what i keep telling myself :smile:

    don't worry! i'm sure you will come across other bags you will like :smile: and if you didn't like clutch purses you just saved yourself/your mom $550 !

    don't worry! your time will come to score :smile: you win some you lose some right? i'm sure bluefly will have another designer shoe sale.

    those are gorgeous! i don't know if you live in canada but i saw those shoes in purple at holt renfrew last call sizes 37-40. unfortunately i didn't see the price though.

    i have a feeling i'm going to regret the two sales i mentioned for a loooooong time
  10. You know, there were a few "bags that got away" that I occasionally think about it.

    But there was a reason I didn't buy these bags the first time around. A YSL Mombasa was too small and too white. I bought one bag - instead of getting two Bottega Veneta Creels in different colors.

    It took me a while to let go of the regrets - but over the last year, I realized that I like the idea of the good sale rather than the actual item. I regret the bags I purchased a lot more than I do the bags I didn't.
  11. I regretted not getting a pair of CL flats in a second hand shop. By the time a made up my mind it was gone.
    I spent the next year trying to find those shoes in second hand shops and on the bay. I finally got them after about a year; paid a bit more for them but they were virtually unworn.
  12. I don't think this happened to me. I usually regret buying stuff instead haha.
  13. I do feel bad after losing an auction because I chickened out on the price or going back to a store to find what I wanted is gone..but I always seem to end up finding something else to lust after in a pretty short amount of time, and then I'm glad that I didn't spend on the last item!

    I console myself by saying that there's always going to be the next thing that I have to have, which makes it a little better.