Shopping in Los Angeles - recommendations?

  1. Hello, I'm visiting LA next week for work (I live in the UK) and I have a limited amount of time to shop, just one afternoon!

    Can anyone give me any recommendations? I know my hotel is near Melrose Avenue, and I was wondering if Fred Segal would be worth a look? I don't want high end designer but low to mid price store recommendations would be great! Someone mentioned a big mall that's near Melrose Avenue, but couldn't remember the name - if anyone knows where this might be I can look it up!

    I'm also after good places to buy branded jeans for myself and if anywhere stocks Levis as my boyfriend has asked me to see if I can find him some limited tees, only available in the US.

    thanks in advance!
  2. you should hit up fred segal since it's right on melrose.. you should stop by beverly center since it's only 5 minutes away from fred segal.. it has tons of stores.. from louis vuitton and gucci to banana republic and forever 21.. you could also go to century city.. which has juicy couture, theory, bloomies, etc.
  3. Fred Segal is great. Also, you CAN'T miss the boutique shopping on Robertson Blvd. (between 3rd and Bevelry Blvd.) where you MUST shop at Kitson, Lisa Kline, Alice + Olivia, Tory Burch, Maxfield and Curve. If I had one afternoon, this is the place I'd go...
  4. :yes: Absolutely!!! I love Kitson!
  5. I think the mall that the person was referring to is The Grove which isn't far from where you will be staying. It's an outdoor mall with restaurants, farmers market, movie theater, and a slightly amusement park-like atmosphere. It's a lot of fun. There is a Barney's Co-op for higher end denim, and store directory shows there is a Lucky Brand denim store.

    I checked the Levi's site, and it looks as though there are two Levi's stores in the area, in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. I am guessing that Nordstrom or some of the other shops at The Grove may also carry Levi's if you can't get to one of the Levi's stores.

    Have a good time!
  6. the grove is beautiful.. but it's more of a place where you go eat and watch a movie rather than shop.. the only great shops they have are Nordstrom, anthropologie, and Barneys co-op.. you should really stop by beverly center and fred segal or robertson blvd...
  7. Thanks everyone, that's really helpful information!

    I've heard of Kitson, so will check that out and anthropologie is another store I've always wanted to visit! I'm going to print this thread out and keep it with me as reference!

    I'm very excited about going!
  8. Saks, Neimans, and Barneys!
  9. Personally I think the Bev Center is rather dull and you're better off at Rodeo Drive, the Grove, and Century City. Have fun on your excursion!
  10. I agree. Bev centre is kinda dull, and for a tourist, you would have more fun in the more well known places.
    You MUST go to Kitson, Lisa Kline & Fred Segal.
    And also rodeo drive!
    Have fun!:tup:

  11. Neiman Marcus here is the best for variety. Barneys is good too, but the attitude in there is atrocious.
  12. I second everyone from above, go to all those places if you get a chance! But when I visit L.A I always make sure to go to rodeo and Kitson! Have fun!
  13. robertson blvd then go to the ivy for lunch.

    i also like polka dot & moonbeams on 3rd.
  14. I love Fred Segal and Barneys and love having lunch at Barneys. If the weather is nice you can sit outside and have a great view. Kitson is on Robertson, so you can visit that and all the other well known boutiques there.
  15. How are the salespeople at most of the stores ? Are they nice or snobby ?
    I've never been to LA before so I don't know what its really like there, I only know about the stereotypes of what its like.