Shopping in Italy!

  1. Hello All!

    This is my first post. My name is Crystal and I am a shopaholic. :smile: I will be travelling to Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice) next month, so I wanted to know if anybody knew of any "hot spots" to get real designer, fendi, dior, etc. I have heard that there is a designer outlet outside of Florence. So I will definitely look into that. I can't wait to read your responses. Until then.....
  2. Go to the spanish steps in Rome, they have great shopping areas. THe stores are like Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Lush (soap store), and many other little shops. It is a great shopping area. Honestly, don't carry expensive things because pick pocketing is crazy. I saw several people get pick pocketed. Especially, be mindful at the train stations because that is where you have big groups and crowds. Also, be aware if you buy anything, make sure you keep the receipt at all times. They have "financial police" they may check your items and for your receipts. If you don't have a receipt, you could pay hefty fines. If you buy something really expensive, ask for their tax break sheets. You fill it out at the store and take it with you when you leave at the airport. You can declare your items and you get a little money back. Also, if you do this, make sure you have the item as a carry on. If you do not have the item, they will not validate the items.
  3. I've copied this from my Florence shopping tips page:


    Name of Shop: The Mall Outlet

    Mall is an outlet villagee just outside Florence. All the shops are high end labels and you can get some real bargains there. The stores include:

    Armani Jeans exchange
    Emporio Armani
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Emmanuel Ungaro
    Emilio Pucci
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    La Perla....

    (... there is a Japanese desinger whose name begins with 'Y' bit it escapes me at the moment )

    We had a good afternoon there, I got some Ferragamo heels for 118 euros and a YSL bag for 60 euros. My friend picked up a large Ungaro scarf for 60 euros and some Marni shoes for 60 euros.

    What To Buy: Each shop has great bargains so go with your tastes. Burberry had some good prices for watches and cufflinks, Armani looked good for shoes, as did Ferragamo.

    What To Pay: anything for 60 euros to about 500

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    Phone: +39 055 865 775 (customer serv.)
    Directions: To book seat on a shuttle car, call customer services on 00 39 055 865 775. They can pick you up in the morning or afternoon from your hotel or from outside the Savoy hotel.

    The journey takes about an hour and you get about three hours' shopping time.
    Website: gucci outlet
  4. January/February is one of the best time to shop in Italy. My friend and I went to the Mall outlet, at the Gucci outlet and she got a purse for $200 US dollars.

    We wanted to shop on our own so we didn't take a tour just go to the tourist information office inside the airport/train station to get maps and bus information.

    The best advice I can give is to know what it would cost you here, In Rome, the Fendi spy bag was less there then here and you get to claim the tax at the airport.
  5. Before you leave the states, buy Born To Shop - Italy. It's a small book filled with helpful tips about every expenditure you will encounter in the country of topic. It includes addresses, phone numbers, contact persons, locations, ratings of prices and goods, etc!You can find it at your local Barnes and Noble. It's a great read too, I'm certain you'll enjoy it on the plane or at the airports.
  6. I would definitely choose Florence, followed by Rome, though both cities have all the major designer shops there.

    Personally, I liked Florence more that I did Rome for the shopping.

    Venice has major shops near and around Piazza de San Marcos, but stores are tiny and hard to find. In addition, their selections aren't that great, BUT, take a look because you never know.

    If there is a chance for you to go to Milan, then that is the best place you can go shopping...I loved it and got into major trouble with the parents for my purchases but definitely worth it!!
  7. From my limited experience in Italy, I agree completely with these tips. Florence would be my first choice for shopping, then Milan. I don't have any specific info, but in Florence it seemed like every block had wonderful shops and for jewelry the Ponte Vecchio (sp?) is fun to browse. I'm jealous--you will love it!
  8. Hi, my name is Jenny and this is also my very first post. I am also going to Italy this summer and plan on going to Florence and Milan. I am looking for a deal on handbags so the information regarding "the Mall" is excellent. Any suggestions for Milan??? Also, does anyone know if there are any places like that in London or Paris? I will be going to those places as well.
  9. Near London, there is a shopping outlet called Bicester Village. You can check the brand names and ways to get there from their website. See my reply in the other Shopping in Italy thread, you will find the details of the Mall and Prada (Space) outlet there.
  10. I agree, I liked Florence best for shopping. Don't forget there is Sienna which is about an hour from Florence. They have some wonderful shops too.

    In Florence I loved a shoe store called "Firenze" (florence in Italian). Bought six pairs of shoes there. There is so much shopping in Florence you could spend your entire vacation doing nothing but!
  11. If you happen to go to florence first, try and get the things you're looking for in Florence. Rome is ghood but it's very busy, especially via Condotti where all the deginers boituiques are.
  12. Do all these places (such as "the Mall" and Prada outlet in Florence, Bicester Village in London) take credit cards? Or do you need cash? I know I have been to some places in Europe and they don't seem to use credit cards likethey do in North America. I really want to buy, buy, buy, so credit would be good!
  13. I just want to say that I am planning a European vacation this summer, so this information is great!!

    For the person who mentioned the PRADA Outlet -is that in eNGLAND or Italy-I can't find the post you referenced. Thanks.
  14. Gucci bags in airport is about 15% cheaper than US.