Shopping in Fiji??

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  1. I'm going to Fiji for a much needed ''do nothing-athon' and was wondering, does anyone know the shopping situation there? Any designer stuff? the AUD$ conversion ti fiji currency is great..:girlsigh: :wlae:
  2. I didn't do any shopping while I was there but I can say that it is beautiful and I am totally jealous. I would love to go back again. Where will you be going?

    Have a wonderful time!
  3. 0o0o i hope you have a fun time in Fiji!!! i'm planning to go there at the end of November!!! woo hoo!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!
  4. I loved Fiji when I was there!

    I wasn't old enough to really appreciate shopping, but I remember my dad buying me one of those little crystal animals . . . at the time I used to collect them . . . which later broke. (I might've been a bit too young for them).

    The only other thing I remember us getting from Fiji was a wooden cannibal fork and some sort of thing that could've either been a mallet or another utensil.
    I'm excited because I would always look at that fork and think that when I get my own apartment I'm taking them with me. It would be such a cool conversation piece. Like, "Yeah, that's a cannibal fork we bought in Fiji." Now that I HAVE my own apartment, they're coming with me. (I told my mom I could leave the other thing, but she told me to have both, because they're a set.)
  5. fiji is one vacay place that i choose to forget about shopping and just soak up the sunnn.. have FUN! :biggrin:
  6. For the most part, I don't remember much going on in Fiji. I do remember joining a kids group where we watched a kids movie. Oh, yeah, and there was a pool bar.

    When I asked my dad, he said we pretty much just sat on the beach.
  7. Thanks guys! I'm going on the 1st November! not sure if my boyfriend is coming with me yet so it could be just me sipping cocktails in my bikini... sigh! Cool, cannibal fork eh? will look out for those! I guess I'll let you guys know if I find any bargains! Thats if I'm not too mesmerised by the sea...
  8. I also got one of those when I was there.:yes: I remember being told to make sure all wooden items had some kind of stamp on them to show that the wood had been treated against insects. A friend of mine did not have the stamp, and a few days after she got home, insects started coming out of the little wooden statue she bought.:throwup:
  9. [​IMG]

    This is the mallet, and the fork has the same handle, but four long, thin, wooden spikes at the other end.