Shopping Habits ...

  1. It has dawned on me that I have peculiar shopping habits - I have a tendency to go in, look around, walk around, maybe buy something...and then return within that same trip or even up to 2 days later to buy additional stuff that I saw, but can't get out of my head LOL!

    does anyone else do this?? I used to be a very impuslive shopper but now I am much more OCD about my plan of shopping execution and planning.

    for instance - I went shopping to LV and bought a wallet and bandeau, then saw the perfo speedy on the way out, and my SA showed me the pochette 'extensions' so that the purse wont be right under your armpit and also the white vernis - SO gorgeous...and so then I had to send my friend back to get a couple of the items that I hadn't gotten.

    AND THEN on the way out, I saw swarovsky rhinestones being customized on cell phones, and I have a treo that is already customized on the front, but now im obsessing about getting it redone in new 'summer' colors and can't seem to get it out of my mind. arggg.
  2. I'm bad at shopping. I go and buy and then I never wear it. I'm learning to look first leave think about it and then go and get it if I can't stop thinking about it. Shoes are the exception though. We rarely get name brand shoes up here. Townshoes just opened up with name brand shoes so the grand opening day I bought a pair of Steve Madden pumps never looked back but now I think they r a lil big for me so time for insoles. Now I tend to buy or at least try to buy shoes when I find some that fit. Clothes I can wait for. Bags well I have to save money for them so ususally if I still want it over time I'll buy it other wise I end up buying something else. Looks like I'm all over the place on the shopping map.
  3. I used to impulse buy and then go back for the rest of the "haul," but since I moved overseas, I find that stuff just doesn't stick around on the (small) shelves any more, so I have a solution: I buy everything when I see it! :lol:
    And I think I'm allergic to returns too! ;)
  4. I am impulsive... waaaay impulsive. I have a bad habit of not being able to go shopping without purchasing something too. And my new problem... I love the outfits my fav store puts on the manequin. I end up buying the outfit right off the doll-- jewlery included!
  5. I ventured into the new townshoes a couple days ago. it reminds me of brown's...i thought they were the same company for a short second! i agree aboutthe lack of shoes though...but i look at it as one less addiction for me to indulge myself with.

    i am SUPER picky about buying a bag. I want to be sure I love it and will never regret just comes down to impulse vs/ reallly reallly want for me. :amuse:

    the way it always goes is...when i have the money i don't know what i want...but when i don't i always see plenty of things i do suddenly "need" ...:lol:
  6. i'm quite impulsive when it comes to shopping.. if i see it and i like it, i don't bother contemplating.. i can contemplate once i get home cuz then at least i can always return it but i won't hafta worry about it being sold out.
  7. That's too funny! I've done the same thing a time or two and luckily, no one gives me weird stares as I'm fondling the mannequin to check for my size!!
  8. The only place I'm impulsive is at the grocery store! Any other time, it's rare that I will shop and purchase at the same time. I like to go out and sniff around and look at everything first. I spend a little time (a few hours, a few days) thinking things over and then usually go back and buy them.

    Come to think about it, that's probably why I NEVER return anything! Wow! A revelation! What ever I purchase is either something I need or something I love.
  9. Hey that's a good idea! Not the fondling part...!:lol:
  10. I have been leaving the mannequins at the store I shop at naked the past few weeks... everytime I walk in I do my own shopping and pay even- then spot the mannequin that I become obsessed with and have to own everything off of her... so I do. It's bad!
  11. Where do you shop?! Just in case I see naked mannequins in the window, I know Megs was shopping in there! :lol: :lol:
  12. what a good perspective! I always tell myself 'i can return this if i dont like it' but then I just never get around to it an blah blah...
  13. i used to be really impulsive but i got in trouble with DH. it got to the point where i couldn't even be trusted in the drugstore because i'd walk out with fifty bucks worth of stuff i didn't need. :smile:

    now if it's over a hundred bucks i try (key word is try) to make myself wait a month before i buy it. if it's something i've been wanting, i often will return to the store numerous times to "visit" it to make sure i still like it (sometimes more than once in a day. if that happens i just buy it, b/c i obviously want it. heh). it usually takes about three times to decide.

    i'm also really bad about returning things. i've been known to walk around the mall with something i bought and return it before i even leave because i realize i'm not going to use it. it's a terrible habit. once i get it home though, it's home for good and won't go back even if it hangs in the closet with tags on for a month.

    i am such a neurotic shopper. i think that's why i usually go by myself. my friends are pretty understanding though.
  14. I go straight to the sale/clearance section first and start from there.
  15. So guilty of this :lol: