Shopping for Celeb Accessories

  1. not really sure where to post but -
    just read about this new website like.comin today's wall street. the website searches for watches, handbags, and other items worn by celebrities. it's new and has a few glitches.

    "It displays recent photos of about a thousand celebrities (mostly female), with a focus on their purse, jewelry, shoes or watch - but not their clothing. Beside a close-up of the celebrity item, shows similar products with different price tags and/or different brands, along with a link to buy the product online." ~ wall street journal

    "You can't click on any picture anwhere on the Web to start your visual search; you have to start with the limited supply of celebrity photos on the site. The company says it is working on a browser toolbar that will allow you to use any picture on any Web page, and will soon allow you to upload a picture of your choice as a starting point."

    this site could be really cool.. didn't check it out yet def had to share with everyone here!!
  2. Thanks for posting. I'll try to check it out later.
  3. I checked it out. It was fun to look at.
  4. Thanks for posting it :biggrin: will check it out now