Shopping for B-Bags in London...

  1. I will be in London in mid-May and am looking forward to a bit of "retail therapy". What London store is your favorite for b-bag shopping? What leather colors are most/least available? TIA for any advice!
  2. I recommend going to Selfridges in Oxford street. It's a big department store that has loads of designer bags and clothes. Last time I went there they had loads of b-bags but that was a month ago....
  3. Yea go to Selfridges, when I went to London around 2 weeks ago to visit my bf, there were tons of b-bags in Selfridges. However, I didn't check out the price, so you might want to take into consideration the VAT return, and the price of the dollar compared to the pound etc..
    I remember there were a bit of every color like cornflower, lilac, ink, black etc...
  4. Thanks, will do!
  5. Don't forget Harvey Nichols down in Knightsbridge! They have a great handbag department with a good Balenciaga selection, and it's not nearly as loud and frenetic as Selfridges ground floor.

    also, Koh Samoi in Convent Garden is lovely, and the SAs there are really nice.
  6. Thanks Pointie! I am looking forward to some "retail" site-seeing!
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