Shopping etiquette question--switching SAs.

  1. I am on the hunt for a really experienced/knowledgable SA. I posted on the regular boards about this and got great feedback. Then I had a friend refer me to the Chanel manager at my (somewhat) local store. I have already purchased a bag from a SA there, but I would like to switch to the manager based on experience. Is this just awful and bad manners?
  2. I think you should go to whomever you have the best repore with. They work for you! Shopping should be an enjoyable experience- and it's YOUR money.
    So if you prefer working with hte manager, then go for it.
  3. If you feel like the manager is "the one" I say go for it. An SA can make all the difference in your Chanel experience and you should feel really amazing/confident when making such a purchase. When you make that relationship, a good SA can anticipate your likes/needs I have a NM about 45 min from my house/25 min from my work and I use an SA 800 miles away. My local experience as been pooey, so when I found someone that really was working for me, I stuck with her.
  4. When you have a GOOD SA...and you build a good relationship /friendship with them TRUST ME they will find you a HARD to find bag...It works all the time..
    I do understand how you feel thou..
    That happened to me and I did feel funny but I need someone who knows there CHANEL stuff...and I did explain that to the other SA (who DID not know her chanel stuff..I know more and that is not saying much LOL)and she said Don't worry I understand ...HEY its your money..Don't worry..
  5. Yes but... sometimes the old SA doesn't let you go. I've had SAs (not in Chanel) say they can't work with me because 'so and so' is my salesperson.

    Also, in department stores, if another SA helps you, I find they feel obligated to credit your personal SA with the purchase. I've seen this and told them to take the credit for themselves because they did all the work in helping me. The new SA always declines and says she can't, thank you for the offer, but she is not my SA and she's happy to help the 'missing in action' SA.

    In other words, there have been instances when I wanted to switch but couldn't. :shrugs:
  6. ^If I were told that, I'd calmy explain to them why I won't bring that store my business anymore.
    That's icky!
  7. ^^^ I so agree!!! I had to "break-up" with an SA because every time I bought a bag from her, it was a difficult experience (a part of me wants to write miserable experience), never pleasant. So why should I continue giving my money to someone who makes me feel that way? And I have to say, I changed, got a better SA and life is so much better!
  8. its so hard to buy bags sometimes which is why i buy most of mine online.