Shopping @ Bangkok: tips needed!!!

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  1. Hi!! I'll be going in a couple of weeks to Bangkok for business (= no time for big shopping spree or sightseeing :cursing: ) and I was wondering whether you could recommend me some shopping mall - or perhaps the airport? - where I could go and advise if there's anything "typical" that I shouldn't miss buying... (of all these years of travelling, this is the first time I'm being sent to Asia and I really want to make the most of it!! :yahoo: )
    Thanks in advance for your help, tips, comments, experiences, everything!!!:yes:
  2. i've been to bangkok before, and i must say i recommed going to chak tu cak, it's a weekende market!
    it has everything from antiques to fish! yes, real fish :p
    adn i also recommend ma bung krong, not sure if i spell it right :p
  3. Don't buy any luxury goods in Thailand, the luxury goods tax rate is such a rip-off. But if you have to buy it in the new airport duty free shops are rather good, the shops are so much more impressive than the Heathrow or JFK (there was every brand you can think of, even Cartier has a huge shop there). But if you really want to go to the shopping malls, 2 with all the luxury goods are called Emporium and Siam Paragon

    Other than that, I don't really know. Chatuchak is probably the diverse place to go because you can buy not only fish but (illegal) wild animals! Mah Bun Krong as seahorse suggested is wild with lots of fakes if you like that, LOL. Anyway it's opposite the road from the more upscale Siam Paragon so there is no harm to peek there.

    And don't ever get on the 'tuk tuks' they rip you off big time and for the normal taxis always insist on them turning on the meter otherwise get out! How do I know? Because I can speak Thai (dad was in the S-E Asian diplomatic circles yonks ago so I am vaguely familiar with local languages) and I have heard the drivers of both 'tuk tuks' and taxis speaking about ripping foreigners off!

    What to buy from Thailand? Naturally silk - Jim Thompson (this guy was an ex-CIA agent setting up his silk workshop in the 1950s if I recall correctly) is standard. Actually it depends on which type of silk do you like. Thai silk is a bit heavier than Italian or French silk just out of the different species of silk worm. There are other things to buy but I don't know what you like and other ladies can probably advise you better!
  4. yeah, and don't buy teh "designer" bags on those 2 places i mention, they're all fakes.
    but i love to shop some cute tops, and collectable toys there.
    i also found great vintage jewelry and statue from chak tu cak :yes:
  5. My family is from Thailand so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. In term of shopping, I highly recommend Jim Thompson's silk products. I always buy JT's silk scarves for my friends' moms everytime I go home and they all love them! If you're interested in luxury brands, it's not bad to shop in Thailand. Some stores offer tax refund for foreigners. If you're not sure, you can always shop at the airport. Chatuchuk is such a fun place to go. You can find everything there from pets to clothes to antique. The only bad thing about Chatuchuk market is, it gets really crowded and very hot in there. If you don't mind those, it's definitely a place to go see.
  6. Thank you so much!!! It's very kind of you all the tips.... I don't think I'll be able to visit the market on the weekend (I'm arriving on a Sunday afternoon and going straight to a meeting, yeap, on a Sunday!! :cursing: ) but I'll make sure to buy silk (I love scarves :love: ) and see if I can find some antiques or jewellery...
    And I'll make sure to browse the shops at the airport ;)
    Thanks again, you've been really helpful!!!:yes:
  7. Every time I bring back fabulous home accessories and clothing items, bags etc. Love Jim Thompson's stuff!
    Silk and other fabrics are really good for curtains and upholstery. Silk scarves, cushions etc are absolutely gorgeous...
    They have bigger selection at their factory outlets (was recommended by SA) - worth visiting. Spent hours at JL outlet in Phuket last November..