Shopping at Tod's boutique again! (reveal)

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  1. So I went meeting friends at the mall this afternoon for lunch, after the lunch I've decided to walk around the mall "window shopping" .. I guess I couldn't just window shop when I walked by Tod's boutique, everything seems tempting lol I checked their new selection of Fall collection, not many bags on display yet but the SA told me there is a new shipments coming next week, I can't wait to check it out!

    So anyway, here is a little reveal of what I brought home today :smile:

  2. Not many members here today? lol
    Anyway, here it is a reveal picture!


    More coming up in a few :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Details of the fabrics and hardware..


    This fabrics look quite interesting.
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    And the shoes!

  6. Just beautiful, Aysha! Thank you for sharing. I REALLY like the buckles on the shoes. Haven't seen the bag in the U.S. How large is it? Is it lightweight?
  7. Thank you hun :biggrin:

    The bag is the same as the G-Bag Bauletto Piccolo Satchel
    This one comes in fabrics and its 12"W X 9"H X 7"D.
    It's not heavy as the leather ver. I haven't seen the coated canvas in stores yet though.
    There is brown leather in that style, very beautiful and next week a red one will be available
    I might check it out and see if I like it. I do love this design! :biggrin:
  8. A really breathtaking combination, ayshaa! And I always love your close up photos. :tup:
  9. Absolutely beautiful choices Ayshaa! I love that you found matching, complimentary shoes for your new Tod's bag! Thanks for sharing and enjoy them :biggrin:
  10. Melora: Thank you! :biggrin: I was so happy to find this shoes my size, it looks so pretty and I can match it with many bags and outfits I have, but this bag and shoes look as if they meant for each other lol .. I am glad you liked the close-ups pictures, I wanted to show everyone more details of the fabrics and shoes :biggrin:

    Mearns: Thank you my dear! :biggrin: This is the first time I buy a Tod's shoes, I've actually wanted to get a high heels, but these seems more suitable for my works (I stand 8 hours on my feet!!) The bag is so roomy and pretty :biggrin:
  11. How did I miss this reveal?
    That is one beautiful bag!!!! Love the shoes too.
    You have great taste!
  12. The close-up picture of your shoes is gorgeous!

    Congrats on the bag and shoes.
  13. WOW - love the combination!! The shoes are lovely - I just love the details Tod's puts on their shoes. I also love that bag - it's just gorgeous. Great reveal!!!!
  14. Congrats!!!! I love the G-bauletto, it is super cute. I hope it will also come in a larger size. As far as the shoes are concerned... they are just gorgeous. I love those flats, I have already a few pairs myself but they are very addictive. They keep coming in the most delicious colors.
  15. I'm very late, but this is a gorgeous bag and the shoes are yummy too! Congratulations!