shoes for clubs and bars

  1. do you ladies ever wear your nicer shoes out at night? clubs get so crowded and most people are so careless that it is almost a given your nicer pairs will get spilled on, stepped on, step in that sludge that coats a dance floor at the end of the night
  2. no way - I find cute- but cheap shoes for club going - preferably comfortable too!

    Something that when they predicably get stepped on, puked on or get something spilled on them- I won't freak out.
  3. Honestly, I don't wear my nicer shoes to clubs. To be very honest, I sneak in a pair of Converse. Think about it--it is dark, dirty and you can only dance so long in 5 inch heels.

    I hate being stepped on, so no way am I wearing some cute, strappy heel so my toes can be exposed!
  4. My fix for wearing cute shoes out to clubs is Oh Deer shoes. I don't feel so bad if something happens to them.
  5. I'd try to wear kidskin or patent leather pumps. Something not too delicate that can be easily cleaned. I would avoid wearing anything open toe or strappy to protect myself from getting stepped on. Not to say I haven't because I did at The Shore Club in South Beach and it was sandy too. Luckily, my Guissepe Zanotti's survived that night.
  6. I wear all my shoes out. I figured i spend soo much money on them....y keep them in the box. I go out a lot so if i wore other shoes out i would never have the time to wear my good ones. If someone steps on me...i let them know! lol
  7. Don't care! Shoes are for wearing, I will wear mine expensive pairs anywhere. I don't buy many pairs, but the ones I do buy are quality and have to do double duty. I've never had a mishap except once, at a cocktail party, when a drunken girl spilled her punch all over my gorgeous Guiseppe Zanotti heels... they were light beige leather.
  8. Depends...if I know what the club/ bar is like and I know, drunken stupid people won't ruin my shoes I will wear them...

    But generally, I have shoes just for going out, that way I won't get super pissed if someone steps on them, spills a drink, etc.
  9. my thoughts exactly! :tup:
    In any case I am always dressed up for clubbing so why not wear my best shoes?
  10. It depends on if they match my outfit. I try to wear boots or pumps though because I don't like getting stepped on or have broken glass get into my shoes. One time, a friend was wearing sandals and some bottles were broken around where she was standing and she ended up bleeding. At the end of the night, she got a cute guy carry her back to the condo we were staying in.
  11. one time i was dancing at a club in a pair of brand new light green satin jimmy choo open toes and had a bartender bumped holding a tray of reddish shots right in my direction. all over the shoes, all over the new missioni dress ($435). Needless to say I dress more carefully now, especially the shoes
  12. I hate when people stepping on my shoes so I usually wear my Ann Taylor heels. I'm always scared that someone will throw cigarette butts on my shoes.
  13. i second oh deer shoes! comfy and they look like louboutins
  14. I wear my favorite shoes to clubs and bars as i feel my best when i'm wearing my best. Although my shoes are all between $100-$200, I'm sure i'd feel different if I had Choos or CL! :yes:
  15. ^^ agree - I wear Oh Deer! shoes. Although I will break out the Jimmy Choo patent leather boots in the winter b/c those are my "every man notices them," shoes.