Shoe Problem

  1. I have this problem, and it drives me nuts! I wear heals almost everyday for work. After only wearing a few times that little black heel thingy comes off. It gives me shivers on tile, and sometimes causes me to slip on sleek floors. Any solutions? Do I have to take every pair to a shoe doctor to get them fixed? There not cheap shoes either! thank you!
  2. little black heel thingy, as in the plastic piece that's attached to the heel? mine almost never falls off, only gets worn down to a nub...which is when i take them to the shoe repair guy and have them put a rubber one instead, which is secured with a nail, i think. in any case, if your plastic piece is falling off, it may not have been securely fastened, but if it's happening to all your shoes, maybe it environmental reasons, as in did you get it wet, or do you walk on unpaved or uneven roads often? best suggestion is to have them replaced if you really wear the heels often.