Shoe girl strikes again, my new flips :)

  1. Ok, how many nicknames can one girl, big bag girl, sunshine, I heard that, who said "crazy girl" ???....oh well, true enough I 'spose...anyway.....

    Here are my them!!! :yahoo:


  2. Totally cute my BF has them I love them but can't wear between the toe flip flops :sad:
  3. WOW - I am usually not a shoe person... But I LOVE these!
  4. very pretty, congrats!!
  5. yay we have the same one's!
  6. Flippin' cute! Love them!

  7. Yeah, you and Claire 'outed' me, they are the guys!!! But I loved the brown way more than the pink and white, so thankfully the guys smallest size just fit me, they are a little wide, but worth it for the TDF brown!!!
  8. ahh congrats! They look great! And the guy colours will not get dirty!
  9. These are so cute! love them!
  10. I agree with Luva Pug on the cleaning issue. No one likes dirty shoes!
  11. OMG Tink, these are too cute! Since I love slippahs, I need to get me a pair!
  12. oo purdy pomme toes hehe

    and purdy shoes :yes:
  13. Gorgeous - congrats:yes:
  14. Those are super cute. And they look so comfy.
  15. Way cute shoes tink... btw aren't you the towel girl too... or is that someone else? heh.